Our love of naked wedding cakes continues to grow this season for weddings and masterful wedding cake makers are making them bigger, better and even more delicious, with layers and layers and layers of tasty fillings in all flavours. We've found ten to consider for your 'best day ever'.

1. One big cookie cake

Wedding Cake

Flora and Fauna

How's this for a fabulous creation? Who wouldn't dream of a cookie inspired naked wedding cake ... the perfect combination.

2. Sea shore

Wedding Cake

Crystal Brook Patisserie

Perfectly tie your beach themed wedding with a stunning sea side inspired naked wedding cake ... the effect is absolutely perfect.

3. Structure shift

naked wedding cake

Katherine O'Brien Photography

Mix up shapes with this modern square naked wedding cake, where the exposed frosting highlights the square design.

4. Crisp chocolate

Naked wedding cake

Lily May Cake Design

Naked wedding cakes don't have to be 'messy', just look at this gorgeous Lily May Cake Design for an elegant style. 

5. Strawberry beauty

Wedding Cake

The Andaman Langkawi

Mix up the flavours of your naked wedding cake from the traditional vanilla and chocolate, and add some fruity flare with this raw strawberry cake.

6. Single layer

Wedding Cake

Sugar & Spice Cupcakes

There's no need to go overboard ... With just a single tier wedding cake the naked finish can look simple and elegant.

7. Sweet treat

Naked wedding cake

Sweet Paul

No one will be able to resist this salted caramel delight. Just look at those delicious dark layers of cake between white buttercream and dripping caramel popcorn ... YUM.

7. Not all over

Naked wedding cake

Whitsunday Baked Creations

Are you a fan of the naked wedding cake trend, but also like the look of an icing covered creation? Get the best of both worlds with a single tier of nakedness and the remaining layers fully iced...

8. Wild forest wonders

Naked wedding cake

Babb Photography

Taken right from the pages of a Grimm Brothers fairy tale, this berry covered beauty would be perfect for an outdoor reception.

9. Perfection

Naked wedding cake

Alisha Crossley Photography

Find a creative cake decorator to create you wedding cake dreams.

10. Mixture of flavour

Naked wedding cake

Bayleigh Vedelago 

Every layer is made of something different ... Discover the real wedding behind this cake.

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