Weddings are constantly innovating and it is no longer a necessity to have a pure white tiered cake to cut. Many brides and grooms are breaking away from the status quo and tiering up various other edibles.

Here are our favourite finds on Instagram...

Cheese Cakes

For the savoury couple who aren't so sweet but are extremely cheesy... Opt for a cake of cheese wheels.

Go Nuts for Donuts

Donut walls have been a cute addition to weddings throughout the years but brides and grooms are now taking it a step further... Tiering up donuts is a cuteway to be a little different.











Wedding #goals . Marry Me! And my DONUTS! ?? #wednesdayweddings #i_do_weddingaustralia Credit @dawn.charles



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French and fancy... It is no secret Macaroons are délicieux so why not layer them up instead of a cake? We can't answer that...


Cut cakes

In our option the best way to cut cake costs and time in half is to purchase one small and fancy looking cake to cut and then buy enough extras that are already shaped to serve your guests. 



Cake pops

Cupcakes instead of cakes have been brought in to save time and expenses on the cutting but why not make these little cake treats a little more fun by transforming them into a popsicle. 


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