We've collected 19 hilarious wedding cake toppers that are practically guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

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Because they're sweet and romantic... 

Caketopper - Groom Playing The Piano Whilst Bride ListensBride Kissing The Toad

But also pretty nerdy...

Shrek And Fiona CaketopperSuperwoman Caketopper

And just plain horrific.

Zombie Caketopper

Although these guys are quiet adventurous...

Skiing Couple CaketopperMr & Mrs Smith Caketopper

And so are they.

Expecting CaketopperExpecting Caketopper

At least Fireman Sam is here to save the day,

Fireman CaketopperFireman Caketopper

Because these guys are getting a bit carried away...

Groom Carrying His Bride CaketopperBride Carrying Her Groom Caketopper

And a little bit cheeky...

Cheeky CaketopperCheeky Caketopper

While these couples seem a tad distracted...

Talking On The Phone CaketopperSport Caketopper

And these guys look like they got caught up in the moment.

Fishing Caketopper

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