The celebration of your wedding and what you spend is up to you and what you can afford. 

When you strip away the fanfare and all the trimmings, your wedding is simply a celebration of your love and commitment, witnessed by family and friends where the only legal requirement are the vows at the ceremony.

Wedding Budget $20,000

Many amazing weddings have been arranged for under $20,000, the trick is to prioritise and compromise.

Early on in your wedding planning, it's essential to pick the few things which neither of you want to compromise on so that you can identify other areas where you're willing to save money. Whether it's the number of guests, the venue, the entertainment the dress or the decorations.

By redistributing funds from the kitty you will find you have more to spend on your favourite things. Why not offer your guests a rose to take home plucked from your floral table decorations as the bomboniere or perhaps your uncle has offered to drive you in his car where the only cost is ribbon.

By managing the budget below we recommend you don't have all the listed inclusions.  By eliminating some wedding items and allocating the funds from the inclusions you don't want to the inclusions you do want, you'll be surprised how far your budget will go.

Total Budget
$ 20,000.00
Attendants Gifts $ 136.04
Bomboniere $0.00
Bridal Gown $ 1,550.64
Bridesmaids Gowns $ 548.17
Civil Celebrant or Chaplain $ 540.75
Ceremony Venue $ 342.60
Entertainment $ 600.20
Wedding Night Accommodation $ 133.62
Flowergirls and Pageboys $ 23.34
Flowers $ 548.17
Reception $ 6,580.33
Hair and Make-Up $ 270.66
Honeymoon $ 4,111.28
Invitations and other Stationery $ 376.87
Shoes & Accessories $ 327.33
Men's Attire $ 411.13
Photography / Video $ 2129.72
Pre-Wedding Beauty Treatments etc $ 171.30
Wedding Bands $ 685.21
Wedding Cake $ 411.13
Wedding Transport $ 100.00

Focus on what's really important here and be clever with where you spend and you can actually hold a wedding including your honeymoon for under $20,000. 

Call UBER black for your wedding day cars, forgo the bomboniere for your guests, they tend to get left behind and really all a flowergirl wants is the pretty floral crown or wand.  

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