Perhaps you have a big family, perhaps he does. Perhaps you've just been imagining your wedding day for as long as you can remember.

Either way, if you're planning to host a heap of guests, or to live the fairytale you'll find no shortage of things to spend your money on.

Below, we've shared a few ideas to enjoy an exceptional day - and still have leftovers for spa treatments and shiraz.

Total Budget
$ 55,000.00
Attendants Gifts $ 408.35
Bomboniere $ 816.69
Bridal Gown $ 5,739.31
Bridesmaids Gowns $ 1,233.38
Civil Celebrant or Chaplain $ 916.69
Ceremony Venue $ 770.86
Entertainment and musicians
$ 1,425.46
Wedding Night Accommodation $ 300.64
Flowergirls and Pageboys $ 277.51
Flowers $ 2,233.38
Reception $ 19,591.20
Hair and Make-Up $ 608.98
Honeymoon $ 9,000.00
Invitations and other Stationery $ 947.95
Shoes & Accessories $ 786.49
Men's Attire $ 1025.04
Photography / Video $ 6,625.19
Pre-Wedding Beauty Treatments etc $ 585.43
Wedding Bands $ 1,541.73
Wedding Cake $ 925.04
Wedding Transport $ 1,040.67

The Wedding Cake

Buy a beautiful wedding cake that comes within budget and will look fantastic on display even if it doesn't feed all your wedding guests. The trick is to include a slab of cake of the same filling that can be cut up and served as wedding cake with a scoop of cream and raspberry coulis!...your guests will be none the wiser and essentially it's still wedding cake!

The Dahlia wedding cake from Sweet Art is around $800 leaving you a little extra in the kitty.

The Bridal Suite

If you are holding your wedding reception at a hotel, find out if the Bridal Suite is included in the wedding reception package. Most hotels offer this as an incentive for you to book their venue.

Take a look at the Suite being offered as your Bridal Suite as ask from what time it's available from? You may be able to get dressed there rather than at home and therefore save on the wedding car costs!

The Wedding Rings

Although Prince William said no to wearing a wedding ring, over 80% of grooms still choose to wear one. The grooms ring is usually wider and larger than the brides, requiring more metal and therefore more cost.

When considering the metal for your wedding band, platinum is at the top of the price range. A 4mm wide wedding band for the groom from Tiffany's will set you back around $2,600, and although beautiful, resilliant and bright, platinum rings are likely to blow even the fairytale budget...that is, if you both choose to wear a platinum wedding band.

Consider the less expensive white gold or even more affordable titanium wedding bands if you want a silver coloured metal. When buying gold wedding bands 18-karat and 24-karat gold is more yellow in colour and more expensive than 14-karat gold or rose gold wedding bands.

Wedding Tip:

Making a few changes can have an enormous impact on costs. Holding your wedding on a Thursday, for instance, can open the door to deals you'd never see on a Saturday!

Marianne Taylor Photography

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