For a chic (and way more affordable!) alternative to a full bouquet, why not send the bride and her bridesmaids down the aisle carrying a single, striking bloom?

Drop-dead gorgeous flowers like peonies, garden roses, magnolias and dahlias command attention on their own, so there's no need for extra embellishments. These examples of single flower bouquets help prove our point.


A single creamy-white magnolia blossom paired with a sprig of leaves is so classic and chic.

Single Bloom Bouquet Magnolia

Coral Charm Peony

Instead of a full bouquet, pair a pale-pink bridesmaid dress with a bright-pink peony.

Single Bloom Bouquet coral charm peonySingle Bloom Bouquet coral charm peony

Garden Rose

A pretty Juliet garden rose is such a romantic bloom to carry down the aisle.

Single Bloom Bouquet garden rose

White Peony

You can never go wrong with a Peony, a bunch is a super popular choice for bride but we think one on it's own is just a fabulous.

Case in point: these perfect white peonies, look perfectly elegant all on their own.

wedding bouquet trends single-bloom bridesmaids


Wow! Super stunning Dahlia's are divine particularly a single, densely petaled dahlia. A great choice for you or your attendants.  Mix each bouquet with slighly different foliage for the bridal party.

Single Bloom Bouquet dahliaSingle Bloom Bouquet dahlia

A Single Rose

Not much more needs to be said here...except 'mind the thorns'! Nothing is more classic than the most popular flower for weddings.

Single Bloom Bouquet white rose

Calla Lily

Calla Lilies hold one of the most unique and elegant flower forms.  The bride can hold the larger single Cala Lilly bouquet, while the bridesmaids hold a small bunch minature Cala Lillies.  

Single Bloom Bouquet cala lily

King Protea

Be bold and walk this large and extravagant blossom down the aisle. Gorgeous with green.

Single Bloom Bouquet king proteaSingle Bloom Bouquet king protea

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