In this modern mobile driven day and age it is difficult to get guests off the gram (AKA Instagram). We've compiled a heap of cocktails that have Instagram written all over them.

Scented Sparkling

Without going too overboard or getting too fancy a flower can completely transform a simple champagne. A simple sprig of lavender will do the trick.

It's time to start the #SaturdayCelebrations!!! @jeremiahandrachel 

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Blue Beverage

Blue is arguably one of the most popular wedding colours and blueberries add the perfect touch without tasting unbearably sweet.

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Sweet Strawberry

When it comes to taste nothing is sweeter than strawberry, this is one your guests won't be able to resist. 

Florally reFreshing

Weddings are full of flowers, petals and pretty little things so why not throw a few in the drinks to make them that bit more refreshing.

Juicy Jug

Getting the guests drinking is never an issue it is keeping up with demand and being responsible at the same time that can pose a problem. Come up with some juicy combinations by adding more fruit to your punch as we found in this juicy jug

It's all in the glass

If you want your wedding to look just that little bit fancier, the glassware you use will take you from 0 to 100... No matter what you are serving as a beverage, crystal-like glasses will make your drinks stand out!

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Classic Cocktail

For those hosting a "cocktail" wedding you can't go wrong with a classic cocktail in the classic cocktail glass.

Cuckoo for Coconuts

These printed coconuts are a beach wedding MUST HAVE! Whether it is to serve coconut water with a splash of spirit or filling it with a whole new refreshment these coconut cups will bring your wedding all the right vibes. 

Champagne Spider

If you never pleaded with your parents for a "Spider" (AKA icecream and soft drink of choice) when you were a child - what were you doing? When icecream mixes with bubbling drinks it forms this sweet froathy concoction and tastes INCREDIBLE! Why not put an adult touch and switch out soft drink for champagne?

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Filled with fruit

If all else fails simply add in a HEAP of various berries and fruit and whether it tastes good or not it will most certainly be #instaworthy. 

Aqua marine

Bring out a drink that is unquely coloured to wow your wedding guests this bright aqua champagne is calling for all cameras out, but we think Australia has created a better clever distillery Ink Gin in Byron Bay have created a floral infused Australian gin that has been coloured by nature...

Glamerous Gold

If your alcoholic beverage of choice happens to be a dull orangey yellow why not spice it up with a golden rim?

Valiant Violet

If you haven't yet heard Pantones colour of the year for 2018, was violet. We are OBSESSED with this stunning drink combo.  

Milk Jar

It is crazy where thinking outside the box can get you... Serve your drinks in a unqie and cool glass like an old milk jar your guests will be in awe of your creativity!


Bubbly Bar

Save yourself the struggles of ensuring all the bartenders are keeping up with demand, set up a cute #instagrammable bubbly bar so guests can serve themselves.

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