1. Darling Dogwood 

This is everybody's floral pick for 2019, and with its striking four-point petals we can sure see why. Pair with eucalyptus and branches for a relaxed, slightly rustic look, ideal for boho-inspired weddings.

dogwood bridal bouquetdogwood bridal bouquet

Meghan Mehan  | Jeremiah and Rachel

2. Handpicked is hot

Hand picked bridal bouquetHand picked bridal bouquet

Alicia Pyne Photography |  Sleepy Fox Photography

To make a more conventional bouquet look a little less ‘done', add some handpicked elements such as rough-cut stems, dried lavender or twine, and then tie it all together loosely with a rustic ribbon or piece of hessian. Perfect.

3. Dashing Dahlias

dahlia bridal bouquetdahlia bridal bouquet

Dylan Howell Photography | Sweet Little Photography


We're seeing dahlia bouquets back in a big way already in 2019, and we're not surprised. Nor are we disappointed. Ruffled and romantic, they're a peachy pick for any feminine bride.

4. Floral Wreaths

Bridal Wreath BouquetBridal Wreath Bouquet

A timeless alternative to a traditional bouquet, we're seeing a slew of brides carrying floral wreaths instead. A whimsical addition to any wedding, they're easy to hold and super versatile.

From a wreath crafted entirely of succulents to all-white, all-red, multi-coloured or even wreaths mixed with baby balloons, this is a fresh look that's here to stay.

5. Ode to Orchids

pink orchid bridal bouquetwhite orchid bridal bouquet

Chic and elegant, orchids is a favourite with modern brides and whilst traditional white is the most popular, pale pinks are becoming increasingly popular with romance-loving brides.

Carry a trailing bouquet of blush-toned orchids for a gorgeous girly look.

6. Sweet Succulents

succulent bridal bouquetsucculent bridal bouquet

Having been the darling of home décor for the last few years, succulents have made their way into the mainstream, and are now being incorporated in bridal bouquets everywhere.

Carry a bouquet of succulents alone and channel the Australiana look which is a fave in 2019, or pair with daisies or other white flowers.

7. Make those colours pop

colourful bridal bouquetblue bridal bouquet

Go beyond peach, pink and periwinkle and build a tight bouquet featuring red, vivid blue, purple and orange flowers. 

Match your bridal shoes to a selected hue from your bouquet. A colour wheel or an i-do.com.au favourite Colour Lovers will help you choose complementary colours - a terrific starting point. 

8. Single blooms

protea single bloom bridal bouquetSingle Bloom Bouquet white

Prefer something simple? Love the minimalist look? Then just choose a single bloom for your bouquet.

Carrying just one anemone, sunflower, protea - or anything else so long as it's not miniscule - adds drama and an air of formality to your entrance.

Unsure about the stem? Wrap it in a wide, glossy ribbon, and let the tail trail.

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