Everyone loves a trivia night! Why not have one at the wedding!  A wedding quiz will get your guests seated and swapping stories in no time. Here's how it's done...

Have the MC announce the wedding quiz, rules, and the prizes at the start of the night and place a piece of paper on each of the guest tables with a pen and their table name or number written on the paper.

It's up to you when you hold the quiz. Early in the night is a great way to break the ice between guests or later in the night will give the guests a chance to find out more about the couple. 

Design the quiz so it's tricky for everyone. Include questions that will be related to family, some to work colleagues and of course some for old and new friends.   

Give a prize to the winning table such as a bottle of wine, an extra piece of cake or perhaps ask them to make an impromptu speech, after all they know you best!

1. Where did Bride and Groom meet? For an extra 2 points provide the extra detail next the your answer

  1. At a Wedding  (whose wedding)
  2. On the Bus (bus number)
  3. At Work (name of workplace)
  4. At a Party (whose party)
  5. At the pub (which pub)
  6. On holiday (where was the holiday)

2. When did Bride and Groom start dating?

  1. February, 2016
  2. November, 2007 
  3. May, 2014
  4. May, 2015
  5. June, 2018

3. What did the Bride notice about the Groom first?

  1. His smile
  2. His personality
  3. His eyes
  4. His body
  5. His car
  6. His fashion sense
  7. His biceps
  8. Other

4. What did the Groom notice about the Bride first?

  1. Her smile
  2. Her personality
  3. Her eyes
  4. Her body
  5. Her car
  6. Her fashion sense
  7. Her bipceps
  8. Other

5. Where did Bride go to school?

6. Where did Groom go to school?

7. What is Bride's favourite food?

8. What is Grooms favourite food?

9. Where do the Bride and Groom work?

10. Which city did Bride and Groom first live together?

11. What pet name do the couple call eachother, eg babe, sweetie, darl etc...

12. What month did Bride and Groom get engaged?

13. Who proposed and how?

14. Write down one word that describes the couple best? (most unique word wins or most popular word wins)

15. What flowers are in the bridal bouquet?

16. What was the reading at the wedding ceremony?

17. What cars did the bride arrive in?

18. Where are Bride and Groom going on honeymoon?

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