The Master Of Ceremonies is the person who coordinates your wedding reception, making sure the wedding reception runs as scheduled.

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They have the running sheet and know what is happening and when and they make sure it happens on time, so your wedding reception doesn't run overtime, costing you more.

The job calls for a family member or friend who you know enjoys being in the limelight, is confident telling a few jokes in front of a crowd and can be relied on to help make everyone's evening as enjoyable as possible.

He or she must be witty and charming, be able to work the room and definitely have the gift of the gab.

The MC has to stay in control and remember exactly what is going on.

Find a Professional Masters of Ceremonies to ensure your wedding reception runs on schedule.

It is their job to give everyone else their cue in the order of the reception, including introducing the speakers, announcing the cutting of the cake, the tossing of the bridal bouquet and gradually tying up the evening when it the bride and groom are leaving.

The MC is first up to welcome the wedding guests to the wedding reception and introduces the bride and groom as the new Mr and Mrs....and may also introduce the bridal party including parents of the bride and groom at the beginning of the wedding reception.

The wedding MC announces or introduces the wedding speakers. They introduce the cutting of the wedding cake and sometimes the bridal waltz. Importantly they will help to round up the wedding reception at the end of it all, by announcing that the bride and groom are leaving and makes sure subtley, that everyone leaves before overtime kicks in.

The wedding MC can also relay any information the wedding guests need to know at the reception, such as when the last drinks will be served or if a wedding guest has lefted their headlights on; being sure not to sound like an announcement made over a loud speaker at the footy.

The MC should be able to deal discreetly with any problems which may arise with ease, without disrupting the atmosphere or disturbing the wedding guests.

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If you do not know anyone who is confident enough for the job, you can always rely on the expertise of a professional MC.

Questions From Our Members

Q - We are currently planning our only daughters wedding and would like to know the correct protocol for choosing the Master of Ceremonies. Is it usually the Brides Parents that have the right to choose who they will have for MC on the wedding day?

The reason for asking this is that the Bridegrooms family have suggested a relative of theirs to perform this role.

A - The brides parents are the traditional hosts of the wedding and therefore the brides parents with the bride and groom choose the MC.

Q - My fiancé and I would like to know if you have any suggestions on introducing our bridal party as they enter the reception?

A - Our suggestion is to do a brief introduction for each person. It makes the person being introduced feel very special, and allows you to communicate to the guests why this person is in your bridal party. You could include who they are, where you met, how long you've known them for, and what they mean to you. With there being possibly up to eight people introduced, you should keep it short and simple.

An example being: - "Introducing Sally Smith. Tracey and Sally met at primary school and have known each other for 14 years. Sally is the type of person that can always be counted on whenever you need her." Another suggestion is if one of your bridal party has travelled a long way to be there - make mention of this during their introduction.

Q - I've recently been asked by my sister to be MC at her wedding. It is on a beach and the reception sounds as if it will be rather informal. As I live in another country I don't know the grooms family. I have met the groom several times and know him fairly well. The rest of his family I have met once and only briefly. I will not be meeting them before the wedding.

A - The role of an Master of Ceremonies is to introduce the speakers. You may be asked to propose a toast to the bride and groom and then introduce the first speaker. Ask your sister the order in which she expects the speeches to be made, write down the names and if you have a chance meet them before hand. She has asked you because you obviously have a talent for the role and I am sure you will do it with ease.

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