When To Speak

The best time for the groom to step up to the microphone and give his wedding speech is usually at the end of the official wedding speeches and toasts.

To Download Or Write Your Own

Downloading a wedding speech online sounds like a good idea but unless you rewrite it in your own style and with your own words, it will come across as exactly that - a downloaded wedding speech.

And who knows how many of your wedding guests heard the same speech at someone else's wedding, or had even come across it while researching their own wedding speech.

It is really worthwhile putting some of your own well thought out words together even if they include extracts of readings or poems you have researched or an anecdote or story that reflects your relationship.

As for making it up as you go, that is setting yourself up to fail. Nerves, emotion and alcohol can get in the way of even the best public speakers.

The best way to tackle your wedding speech is to jot down what you want to say a few days or a few weeks before your wedding. This may be word for word or a few points.

Keep that piece of paper with you and memorise it. When it’s time to make your speech, if you need to, take it out and use it to prompt you and if you don't want to memorise it there is nothing wrong with reading your well worded speech straight from the paper.


Wedding Tip:

If all else fails leave it up to to professional writers to penn a knock out wedding speech ready for your to deliver on the day.


To help put pen to paper, here are some ideas on what to include in your wedding speech:

  1. Speak to all your wedding guests and thank them for coming together to help celebrate your wedding.
  2. Honour guests in your wedding speech who have travelled far distances and at great expense to be at your wedding pay tribute to wedding guests who have selflessly helped with the wedding plans.
  3. Thank the hosts of the wedding, unless of course you have hosted the wedding yourself.
  4. Speak to your parents, and anyone who is closest to you other than your wife and thank them for all they have done for you.
  5. Speak to your brides family and tell them how happy you are to be part of their family now and that you are looking forward to getting to know them all.
  6. Talk about when you first met your wife and give your side of the engagement story. Let your wedding guests know that being together has been fantastic, and that now your life will only get better.
  7. Talk about the future with hints of what may be install for the two of you together.
  8. Finally tell everybody how excited you are to be marrying such a wonderful person, then turn to your bride and look her right in the eye and tell her how proud you are to be her husband, how happy you are and how much you love her.
  9. Remember, your wedding guests know you. They are here to celebrate with you. So let them see your excitement and your commitment. If you feel overwhelmed and emotional don't worry, any outpouring of affection will be well received.
  10. If you are nervous about looking at your wedding guests in the eye when making the wedding speech then don't, look at their mouths or eyebrows. They won't notice and you will come off as a natural true speaker.
  11. Keep it personable, from the heart and not too rehearsed. Your wedding speech doesn't need to be side-splittingly funny or bring tears to the eyes of every wedding guest, it just needs to be from you.

Bride And Groom Officially Husband And Wife

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