Fairy Light Wedding Reception

If food is your fantasy and feasting is really your thing, then selecting the venue may be second to creating the menu. Here some tips on deciding what food to serve.

1. Consider your wedding.

Is there a theme, is it cocktail, white tie, an indian summer, a royal roast, high class haute cuisine or a hawaiian luau.

2. What do you like to eat.

What are your favourite restaurants, your favourite meals.  If you both  love a particular style then steer in that direction.

3. Celebrity help.

If it fits the budget, find out what your favourite celebrity had at their wedding and follow fashion, such as Beluga Caviar served on Artic Ice brought in on a Japanese icebreaker.

4. Ask your fashionable foodie friends.

If you know people in the industry or have friends who won't be seen anywhere else other than the hottest restaurants in town then ask their advice on what to serve.

For foodie ideas and concepts, go through cookbooks, food magazines and watch the hundreds of food loving TV at Food For Life.

5. Timing

The when of the meal will make an impact on how much is consumed. Guests tend to let their hair down more as the sun goes down - dinners tend to consume more food and alcohol than lunches - with the exception of those friends who know how to have the long lunch.

6. Food Trucks, Stations and Buffets

Food served from food stations and food trucks can be just as formal as full service meals served at tables or cocktail receptions. It is all in the manner of what is served and how it is presented.

Have the service staff dress in black tie if your wedding is a black tie affair.  Serve food on porcelain plates not plastic or papaer and stick with stainless steel or silver cutlery. Make sure there is someone dedicated to clearing plates and rubbish from guests tables particularly if guests are going up for seconds or thirds.

Wedding Tip:

 Don't get too tricky particularly if you are having 200 guests who will all eat at the same time. Fiddly and creative dishes can take time to prepare so be guided by the chef on what they believe is possible to serve.

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