If you are considering an outdoor wedding celebration or a wedding at home, you most likely will need to hire a marquee.

Marquee weddings offer you the freedom and versatility to have exactly what you’d like at your chosen location, without the restrictions that may come with other venues.

Marquees can be erected almost anywhere there is a reasonably flat space, such as tennis courts, above pools, in paddocks, backyards and even indoors within large, featureless venues. In terms of cost per head, the ideal minimum number of guests for a marquee celebration is 70 plus.

Marquee Wedding

Marquees are available in a wide range of sizes, to accommodate different sized spaces, numbers of guests and styles of celebration.

Any wedding theme goes with a marquee and there are a number of fabulous finishing touches available from decorators and hire companies including different styles of candelabra, table centrepieces, chandeliers, naked bulbs, chair covers, bean bags, wall decorations, etc.

Fairy Lights Marquee

Making Maquees Merry

1. Weather

Heating a marquee isn't expensive, keeping it cool is. Avoid the green house effect on your wedding day and make the most of the location by placing the marquee somewhere it can be kept as cool as possible.

2. Power

Marquees usually means having a generator or at least a back up generator if the power blows. Made sure the generator is placed far enough away from wedding guests so the noise won't ruin the atmosphere.

3. Decoration

Lighting and decorating a marquee can become quite expensive, even if you are choosing to go with a simple theme. You have a large white expanse to fill and tent poles to hide.

Marquee White Farm Wedding

Shannon Michele Photography

4. Extra rooms

Depending on your location you might need to consider erecting other marquees, such as a kitchen marquee, a marquee for the toilets and powder room and a marquee for storage and cloak room. Importantly, walkways should be considered that lead to and from the toilet marquee and the kitchen marquee. If you think it may rain, have the walkways covered.

5. Ground work

Flooring can be expensive but well worth it. Tables will be balanced, as will the dance floor. And even if no rain is forecast for your wedding day, a little rain the week before your wedding mixed with 100 pairs of stilettos will turn any lawn into a muddy pit.

6. The Portaloo Predicament

Wedding Portable Toilet

When planning a marquee wedding, bathrooms should not be an after thought. If you have seen "Kenny" you will know that an average person uses the toilet once every three hours and each toilet will accommodate 125 uses, emphasis on uses, not guests!!

Aside from the maths, be sure to designate one set of toilets for men and another for women.

We all know that at any function there is always a queue for the Ladies so throw a few extra toilets the girls way, even if the ratio of men to women is one to one. Also, consider any wedding guests in wheelchairs who will need an easily accessible disabled toilet.

Wedding Tip:

Not everyone has good toilet manners, consider employing a restroom attendant to ensure the toilet facilities are kept in pristine condition. They will also be able to send out an alert if any of the toilets block up or toilet paper runs out.

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