Venue Quamby Estate

Vidoegrapher Joshua Lamont Films

It goes to show a wedding can be a fabulous day no matter what the weather - rain hail or shine...and that's exactly what happened at the wedding of Mel and Tyler, it rained - it poured and it stormed!! But it certainly didn't dampen any spirits!

This is a gorgeous example of a country wedding, held at Quamby Estate in Tasmania, the backdrop to weddings in the country hold enough colour and life to create a great wedding palette on it's own. Mel included no colour other than white in her decoration and let the greens of the countryside make up the palette for her day.

Decorating a country garden with a few trees and rollling hills can be so simple. I am always seeing new creative ideas that transform even the barest of spaces. Mel has hidden amongst the trees some gorgeous decorative birdcages, not with birds but with their initials locked away inside. All white of course.

From a fashion point of view the bride looked stunning in a bead embroidered bodice of crystals and peals, with the skirt made up of layers of silk chiffon that floated along with her.

A few roses pinned back her hair and the veil was attached hidden under her chignon keeping it well away from he face. If you aren't keen to have a stiff veil covering your face this is a great way to wear one and keep an eye out for her stunning earrings they are the perfect finish.

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