Our ardent Facebookers have spoken and they want to see this incredible Same Day Edit by wedding videographers Cinemotive Films feature as our real wedding story this week. The Same Day Edit had to be ready to run by 7pm on the night of Katherine and Alex's wedding for their guests to enjoy.

A 'Same Day Edit' is when your wedding videographers combine pre-wedding footage shot before the wedding day with earlier wedding day footage to create a more complete film of highlights for you to surprise your guests with on the night of the reception.

The story of their love begins in the country...

Katherine and Alex - Farmer Wants A Wife

Pre-wedding shoot. Time for hair and makeup

Pre wedding hair and makeup Same Day Edit by Cinemotive Films

The bling that sealed the deal

The engagemtent ring Same Day Edit by Cinemotive Films

Adding the final touches

pre wedding nerves Same Day Edit by Cinemotive Films

Remembering the culture of her Cypriot heritage the red scarf blessing or Zosimo is a ritual performed at the bride's home on the wedding day (below). When the bride is dressed and ready, her parents, grandparents and other relatives give her their blessing and say goodbye.

The father, followed by the mother of the bride, then cross a red scarf three times around the bride's waist and her head as a way to symbolize fertility.

Tying of the maiden belt Same Day Edit by Cinemotive Films

With family traditions complete it was time to say I do!

leaving for the wedding ceremony Same Day Edit by Cinemotive Films

A nervous groom with his trusted friends await the bride

Groomsment await the bride Same Day Edit by Cinemotive Films

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