Wedding Ceremony

Today we thought we'd share the ultra cool wedding of Jeremy and Juleiaah where everything mismatched effortlessly comes together.

Set at a private property in the spectacular Mansfield in Victoria the couple made the most of the natural setting, painting lettering on tree trunks and partying outdoors from day into night, followed by a post wedding lunch the next day that included a puppet show promised to the kids as entertainment among the haystacks.

unique wedding signs

It's not uncommon to see bridesmaids wearing individual dresses, but this couple took the look a step further. While the girls were in colourful array of styles with an overall retro vibe, Jeremy's groomsmen were also mismatched creating a look that was both laidback and edgy.

country weddings

Both the bride and groom look divine with Juleiaah's bow-backed dress and fur shrug just timeless and I love Jeremy's grey suit and brown shoe combo with the bright love-heart buttonhole.
The raised platform for speeches and music is a great idea and the way the pair used balloons to come together is so simple, yet so romantic. Watch the highlights to see for yourself.

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