i-do.com.au's guide to including lost loved ones in your wedding ceremony via a tasteful gesture of remembrance.

Many couples who've lost loved ones feel there's something missing on their big day, but there is a way to respectfully remember friends and family who have passed - and we've got some suggestions to help you do it.

Rather than hiding your sadness over the passing of loved ones, you can remember them publicly as part your formal ceremony in one of the following ways:

Lighting a Candle of Remembrance

Wedding remembrance ceremony candle lighting

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Sit down with your priest or marriage celebrant ahead of time to determine the best stage of the ceremony to light a candle and pay your respects to the person you've lost.

We've sourced some suggested wording or feel free to write your own:

Option 1

Love has gathered us here today to witness the joining of (bride) and (groom),
Had (insert name and relationship of deceased) been alive today, he/she would have been incredibly proud to be celebrating this marriage with us,
Still we feel his/her presence with us, as he/she surrounds us with her spirit and showers us with his/her love. It is in his/her memory that we now light this candle.
Let us all bow our heads for a brief moment of reflection to acknowledge (insert name of deceased)'s presence here with us.

Option 2

Although we can't see you
we know you are here
Smiling down, watching over us
As we say "I Do"
Forever in our hearts, 
Forever in our lives, 
And so we say our vows
In loving memory of you.

Option 3

Today is a special day for (Bride & Groom)
Those around us can share our love
But those who've departed this earth
Can smile down on us from above
We wouldn't be us without (names)
And want to remember you on our special day.

Asking for a moment's silence

remembrance wedding ideas

An alternative to lighting a candle is calling for a moment's silence at a designated point during the ceremony.

Here are some potential words to make this happen:

Option 1

At this time, we'd like to ask for a moment of silence to remember those who are no longer here with us. 
Even though they're not physically present, they are a key part of the foundation that makes (bride) and (groom) the people they are today. 
May we always remember (names of lost loved ones). Please cherish our memories of them and all others who live on in our hearts. 

Option 2

We'd like to take a moment to reflect on those who cannot be here with us today. While they might no longer be with us physically, (bride) and (groom) feel their love and support would like to take a moment to remember them, and honour their influence on who (bride) and (groom) are today.

Option 3

We'd like to close our eyes now and bring to mind our loved ones who are no longer with us,
Though they are physically absent, through our thoughts/prayers, we invoke their loving presence, and pray that God multiply beyond measure the blessings from these lost loved ones onto the couple joining together today.
From our hearts, we visualise the blessings bestowed upon (bride) and (groom) in their new family, and in our desire to bless, we in turn are also blessed.

remembrance wedding ceremony ideasremembrance wedding ceremony ideas

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