Buddhist Scripture

May all beings be happy and at their ease. May they be joyous and live in safety.

All beings, whether weak or strong - omitting none - in high, middle, or low realms of existence, small or great, visible or invisible, near or far away, born or to be born: may all beings be happy and at their ease.

Let none deceive another, or despise any being in any state. Let none by anger or ill-will wish harm to another.

Even as a mother watches over and protects her child, her only child, so with a boundless mind should one cherish all living things, radiating friendliness over the entire world, above, below, and all around without limit. So let them cultivate a boundless goodwill toward the entire world, unlimited, free from ill-will or enmity.

Standing or walking, sitting or lying down, during all their waking hours, let them establish this mindfulness of goodwill, which is the highest state. Abandoning vain discussions, having clear vision, free from sense appetites, those who are perfect will never again know rebirth.

Buddhist marriage homily

Nothing happens without a cause. The union of this man and woman has not come about accidentally but is the foreordained result of many past lives. This tie can therefore not be broken or dissolved.

In the future, happy occasions will come as surely as the morning. Difficult times will come as surely as night. When things go joyously, meditate according to the Buddhist tradition. When things go badly, meditate.

Meditation in the manner of the Compassionate Buddha will guide your life.

To say the words love and compassion is easy. But to accept that love and compassion are built upon patience and perseverance is not easy.

Your marriage will be firm and lasting if you remember this.

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