The wedding is over, you've returned from your honeymoon and things are getting back to normal. The past few months have felt like a dream and your wedding is a distant memory....and then the wedding video arrives...

Everything you remember about your wedding day and everything you don't has been captured. The people, the atmosphere, the ceremony, the laughter, the tears, the speeches, saved forever.

Cost Of Wedding Video

Video Producers cost anywhere from $1500 upwards. 

The cost depends mostly on the hours of coverage, how indemand the wedding videographer is and the inclusions in the package. Will you be including Highlights Video or a Same Day Edit?

With so much more to offer in the way of production and special effects your wedding day can be as good as any Oscar winning film.

The extent of what your videographer captures is up to you and your budget. A full wedding day for a videographer is around 10 hours. Generally a wedding videographer will arrive about an hour before you are due to depart for the wedding ceremony until you leave the reception.

Communicate Guidelines & Schedules

It is imperative that you run through all the details of your day with your wedding video producer in advance and provide them with the full running sheet...and make sure they read it (a good videographer will). This allows your video producer to plan ahead.

The wedding video producer is responsible to follow any guidlines set out by the ceremony venue and the reception venue. Some ceremony venues and reception venues provide a sheet of guidlines to hand to your video producer.

If your wedding photographer and video producer haven't worked together before it would be a good idea to ask that they contact eachother so each can choreograph the wedding day together.

This will avoid any confusion on the day. If you have any concerns as to who has right of way to capture a moment then you need to discuss this before the wedding day.  Usually it's the wedding photographer.

The light sensitive equipment good video producers use today means we say goodbye to crowd dispersing, and atmosphere distroying floodlights. Keep in mind however that some venues consider mood lighting to be so dim that noctornal animals would be happy there.

Liaise with your wedding videographer and wedding decorator about how to decorate the room so that it creates the atmosphere you want without compromising too much on the quality of your video.

When It's All Over

You may find when you ask your friends and family for a showing of your two hour wedding video that many of them will be busy that night.

Ask your video producer to put include a short highlight disc with selected scenes (say 15-30 mins). If it's affordable send a copy of your wedding day highlights to family and special wedding guests with your thank you note.

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