How many of these iconic photo looks did you recreate on the day, or do you plan to? The higher the score, the more trendy you are. 

1. A dip kiss, because every girl wants one of these. 15 points

Jose Villa

2.  A fist pump. 30 Points

Image Credit: Smitten Photography

Smitten Wedding Photography

Image Credit: Emily Blake Photography

emily blake photography

3. Any of the following moves, so long as the bride is completely suspended by her new husband (plus five bonus points for any shot that includes the bouquet). 30 points

Rachel Kara

Daniel Griffiths

4. Animal shot (add 10 points if it's not your average horse, cat or dog). 15 Points

Image Credit: Amy Caroline Photography

Amy Caroline Photography

Rachel Kara

5. Caption your photos. We love the idea of holding up a thank you sign to send to your guests as a thank you card. 20 points.

wedding proposals and thank yous

6. The forehead kiss. 5 points

Image via prettystuff.tumblr

image via prettystuff.tumblr

Image Credit: Rachel Kara

Rachel Kara

7. If your wedding photos are taken in a forest or other remote location that can only be accessed on foot. 20 points

Image Credit: Sarah Joelle Photography

Image Credit: Sawyer Baird

8. For every bow tie featured. 10 Points (Subtract 12 points if his socks match the bow tie)

Image Credit: 1314 Studio Photography

Image Credit: Max Koliberdin

9. Wedding rings in any location where they don't belong. 5 points

Image via pinner Monica Ramirez

Image via pinner Jennifer Down

10. Bride and groom lying on the ground. 20 points

Image Credit: Daniel Griffiths Photography

Daniel Griffiths

Image Credit:Still Love

Still Love Photography

11. For every different form of transport captured that's not a traditional wedding car. 10 points

Image Credit: Benfield Photography

Benfield Photography

Image Credit: Jamie Clayton

Jamie Clayton Photography

12. Bride and groom walking into the empty distance. 10 points

Daniel Griffiths

13. Staged and serious. Extremely hard to capture without someone bursting with laughter. 15 points.  

the bridal party

How many iconic photos will you recreate?

Find a photographer, to capture your perfect moments or continue your inspiration fixation in our galleries.

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