T-One Image Photography And Video

A few quick tips to help you find a great wedding videographer:

  1. Find a style you like. A good place to start is to browse real wedding videos to get an idea of how various Videographers produce their work. You can find real wedding video highlights here or browse the directory videos for highlights.
  2. Make a shortlist of Videographers from the styles you like. 
  3. The very first question you should ask a potential Video Producer is if they are available on your wedding day. Then ask about their video package prices...
  4. Don't get excited about a Videographer that blows your budget. Cost varies greatly, usually depending on the demand for a particular videographer and what they are including in the package. Basic video packages will start at around $2000 and go up, up, up from there. 
  5. Ask which videographers at the studio were responsible for shooting the highlights you have seen.
  6. Find out who exactly will be filming your wedding day, it's not always the person at the studio you meet first. Ask to see samples of recent weddings done by the videorgraphy that will be shooting your wedding.
  7. Contact other couples who have booked the Videographer you are considering and ask what the experience of dealing with them was like.
  8. Ask the studio when you can expect to receive the finished wedding video and in what formats will it be supplied. Editing footage from a full days shoot takes time, don't expect a video any earlier than 4 weeks after your wedding. Busy studios can take up to 2 months.
  9. Discuss any matters of concern with the videographer before you pay a deposit and secure the booking.
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