Samoa Honeymoons

With an average temperature of 30 degrees and laidback pace, it's hard not to unwind in Samoa where The Samoan Way - or Fa'a Samoa - is a genuine way of Polynesian life where upholding traditional values and culture, such as putting family first, showing respect and resting on Sundays are practices still widely held close by the local people; giving you the ideal opportunity to relax following your wedding preparations, and celebrations!

From supremely chilled to ultimately decadent - with a range of price points to suit every loved-up couple - Samoa has it covered when it comes to heavenly honeymoons, whether you're after supreme service from the comfort of your very own over-water bungalow or a no-frills open-air fale where all you need is a smile and a sarong right on the beach.

Honeymoon Samoa

And if it's too hard to pick (we get it, we really do), then why not opt for an island-hopping itinerary so you can road test more than one of the country's breathtaking beaches and romantic resorts. Go on, you know you want to.

As you make your way around the islands and you'll have a ball exploring spectacular waterfalls, dramatic blowholes, stunning coral reefs and lively lagoons, not to mention swimming with the charming sea turtles who are regular visitors to the region's warm waters. Seek them out in their natural habitat or visit one of the designated turtle sanctuaries in Upolu or Savai'i.

Honeymoon Samoa

Adventure-seekers and lovers of beautiful beaches should head to the southern side of Upolu island to Lalomanu Beach, named among the top ten in the world, while the 30-metre deep water-filled crater, To Sua Trench is a popular picnic spot and memorable day out.

Experience the best of the lush greenery from the treetop Falealupo Rainforest Canopy Walk or head to Cape Mulinu'u and enjoy the magnificent sunset view marking an end to another adventurous day in paradise.

With the Samoan people's renowned warm and welcoming nature, a remarkable untouched natural environment and balmy tropical climate, Samos is the ultimate honeymoon hideaway where you can truly leave your hectic and harried lifestyle behind - for as long as you can afford to!

And don't forget, packing is a breeze. This is not the spot for ultra-high heels and sequinned frocks, just a few kaftans, bikinis, sun hats, flowing maxi dresses and a stash of sunnies and sunscreen and you'll be set.