Reunion Island is a little known, exotic island with all the charm of the tropics off the coast of East Africa in the South Indian Ocean. The Island maintains a preseved natural environment, free from overdevelopment making it perfect for eco-loving honeymoon couples.

Formally referred to as ‘La Réunion’, the little known French island has a population of almost 800,000.

Featuring one of the world’s most active volcanoes, the snow-capped Piton de La Fournaise, Reunion Island is a landscape that varies spectacularly from one kilometre to the next.

A wide variety of landscapes and mountains, outstanding volcanic corries (or cirques), a preserved lagoon with the recently opened Marine Natural Reserve and beautiful beaches there are plenty of places to discover and call your own.

Honeymoons in Reunion Island

For the adventure minded honeymoon couple wanting a wilderness of things to see and do, the island comes well equipped. Hiking, surfing, diving, game fishing, and paragliding opportunities abound.

The island features huge geographical collapses which have formed three "cirques" (mountain basins) named Mafate, Cilaos and Salazie, that open onto the sea through narrow passes. Suitable for hiking, the breathtaking scenery of cascades and gorges is a major attraction for mountain lovers.

For food lovers, Reunion is famous for it's Creole culture and the food will take you on a culinary voyage that will delight your taste buds.

Honeymoons in Reunion Island

The Details

The Honeymoon
For couples who want to relax as well as explore! There are tropical beaches and 3000m high peaks, volcanoes and forests all waiting to be explored. Reunion is unspoilt with plenty of places to discover or to do nothing at all.

Pull yourself away from the coast and discover a truely magical place that is within Reunion Island. The landscape will blow you away!!

Tropical and humid, where the sea temperature rarely drops below 23°C! The same side of the Equator as Australia, Reunion's summer is from December to March with an average temperature of 26°C on the coast. Winter is from April to November with an average temperature of 20°C on the coast, with temperatures dropping as you move inland. So pack warm clothing if you plan on trekking the cirques.

The Food
The traditional dish of Réunion is the cari, or rather caris (curry. There are as many different caris as there are ways of preparing it. Cari can be made with fish, chicken, or prawns.

Prepared using turmeric (or péi saffron), ginger crushed with garlic and black pepper, with or without tomatoes, cari is served with rice, pulses and beans (lentils, cape beans or kidney beans), sauteed brèdes (a chard-like vegetable) and the famous and often spicy rougail (a spicy chutney made of tomatoes, lemons, onions and aubergine). Reunion Island is the start of an irresistible culinary journey!

Overall Reunion Island is very safe, still, as in any country, always ensure your valuables are kept safe and locked away. If you are planning on hiking on Reunion Island then always make sure that you leave your hotel well prepared. Always tell someone where you are going and have adequate water and supplies.

Banking and Currency
Reunion Island uses the Euro currency. There are plenty of ATM's but it's important to note changing money on Reunion Island can be very difficult. At the time of writing, there is no bureau de change at the airport, so make sure that you have an adequate amount of local currency with you before you arrive on the checks are also not widely accepted on Reunion Island.

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