From an African safari to a ski adventure, a tropical island to a city break, the travel gurus at have pulled together our top tips for packing the perfect wardrobe for honeymoons of all sorts (and leave space for a touch of newlywed retail therapy....!)

Wedding Couple Love Honeymoon Packing

First things firsts. Whatever the destination, there are a few key rules to keeping your packing fuss-free - and light.

Plan well ahead, remember vacuum bags are an overpacker's best friend, toiletries are cheaper bought at home and siphoned into smaller containers, plastic bags are handy for keeping your dirty duds separate, and layering is key to being prepared for all occasions and climates without having to jump on your case to close it.

Now it's time to get destination specific:

An island escape

Tropical beach honeymoon couple love

  • For a tropical honeymoon, packing essentials include: 
  • 3 swimsuits,
  • 4 tees,
  • A coupe of kaftans,
  • Two pairs of long pants (to protect against mozzies),
  • Two pairs of shoes (one for on the sand and one for off),
  • Two pairs of shorts,
  • Three dresses,
  • Lingerie,
  • A hat,
  • Runners if you're getting active,
  • Small clutch for evenings,
  • Beach tote,
  • Light jacket for breezy evenings,
  • PJs
  • Your own snorkel if you want to avoid coming home with some kind of lergy attached to your lip.

It's wise to pack a few beach honeymoon essentials in your carry-on luggage just in case your luggage takes its own round-about trip, so add underwear, a bikini, sunnies, thongs, a top and shorts and a great book in a small carry-on bag....which you hopefully won't need.

Other tips include bringing a little black dress or black maxi dress you can dress up or down with jewellery or scarves, palazzo pants for evenings, a strapless bra for strappy summer dresses and sandals you've already worn - NOT a new pair you're yet to try which is guaranteed to cause blisters.

A hiking or adventure honeymoon

Honeymoon couple love adventure hiking

If you're likely to be hitting the hiking trails, running the local parks or engaging in any other energetic activities on your honeymoon (you'd have to be committed to the fitness cause!) then remember to pack:

Hiking shoes - waterproof

Sports bras,

Gym tights,

Compact gym or yoga towels (mats aren't suitcase-friendly),

A sturdy drink bottle,

Your fitness tracker if you want to be able to show off when you get home.

Don't forget for the more luxury hiking honeymoons pack something to change into when arrive wet and muddy to the luxury logdge.  With all the swish active and ‘athleisure' wear available now, it's worth investing in some more stylish pieces than your tatties tights and baggy t-shirt - if exercise you must then at least look honeymoon-worthy doing it.

A road trip

Honeymoon couple love road trip happy

Comfort is key on any road trip, so opt for stylish but comfortable flat shoes - loafers, brogues or non-sporty runners, along with a couple of pairs of cargo pants, yoga pants or your favourite boyfriend jeans.

A cute logo hoodie, a puffer vest and slogan tees will complete the look.

Don't forget to download some audio-books or podcasts, your fave tunes, have Google maps good to go and download destination guides to your phone before you go - you never quite know how good your 3G will be in the middle of a lonely highway.

A city breakHoneymoon couple love selfie Europe

To look the part on a city break, check out Instagram geolocations in advance and scout the scene.

For the day time we reckon cut off jeans and tees in summer, or girlfriend or skinny jeans and trench coats or leather jackets during winter.

Add in a silk dress and sandals or a kimono, cami and satin pants for summer nights with a cute cardi, or a mini-dress, tights and hot ankle boots for winter date nights and you're good to go.

Pack portable speakers, massage oil, a fab book and a bathrobe if you're not planning to leave the hotel!

A European soujourn

Honeymoon couple love Europe Paris

Travelling in Europe is not like travelling in Australia or the USA.

People will notice what you wear and if you don't want to stand out as a tacky tourist, there are a few easy tips to follow: don't wear old runners, don't don a baseball cap and depending where you are on the continent, backpacks mightn't be a fab idea as they're easily accessed by pick pockets.

Bring three-quarter pants and midi-length dresses and skirts or loose shawls to cover up when visiting cathedrals and churches. 

Men may need a jacket and tie if you're planning to head somewhere super swanky - such as high tea the Ritz in London - and comfortable but good-looking boots in winter time or pretty sandals for summer are a must - not thongs!

An African Safari

Honeymoon map African Safari Packing

Packing for everything from freezing dawn expeditions to baking hot days can be tricky - so layers are key to be able to convert your outfits for temperature changes throughout the day. Comfort is also vital for hours sitting in an open-top vehicle.

While white is fab for fun times in hot climes it will get super dusty on safari, which is why people favour khaki, camel and natural shades (it's actually nothing to do with camouflage).

Choose loose, breathable tops in fabrics such as linen and cotton, take a wide-brimmed hat, polarised sunnies, a scarfe to keep your neck, back and shoulders protected from the sun and comfy mid to longer length shorts, capris or cargo pants.

Sturdy closed toe shoes for wandering bush tracks are a must, as are a windbreaker or rain shower jacket, binoculars and a well-stocked first-aid and toiletries bag including hand sanitiser, anti-malaria medication, strong insect repellent and anti-diarrhea products (just in case!).

A simple black maxi will suffice for evening meals, accessorised with scarves, a light cardi or jacket and a couple of strings of chunky beads to change it up, paired with a pair of cute, flat sandals - tan is best.

The Cruise

honeymoon cruise

With few cruises these days sticking to the old-school formal dress code - think flowing gowns and tuxedoes - casual elegance is the typical dress code (although it does pay to double check with your cruise line before you begin packing).

While a pair of rubber thongs for around the pool and sparkly sandals for meal times should suffice on board - cruise ships aren't the place for sky-high stilettoes - you'll need sturdier shoes for all-day excursions and roaming in your destination ports.

  • A couple of swimsuits
  • Kaftans and cover-ups are vital for luxe lounging by the pool
  • Hat and sunnies ,
  • Pashmina or shawl is an evening essential in case of uber-air-conditioned dining rooms (and does double duty as a modesty cover in some destinations such as the Middle East or church visits),
  • Wrinkle-free fabrics are cruise ship friendly, a little black dress, black cami and pants or dressy jumpsuit is a great evening wear addition and scarves and jewellery are fab for changing up your look without packing multiple evening outfits.
  • Motion sickness medication and plastic bags for dirty laundry are also pretty essential.


The ski trip

Ski Honeymoon Snow Winter Cold

Besides the obvious waterproof ski jacket and pants - or jumpsuit - a cosy honeymoon on the slopes calls for snuggly base layers (sounds better than thermals, right?), gloves and mittens, a beanie or headband and neck warmer, goggles, sunnies and thick socks.

To ensure you still look stylish for your apres-ski activities, you'll need a pair of light apres boots, a puffer, padded bomber jacket or faux-fur trimmed parka, together with dark leggings or skinny jeans and a couple of light knits or long-sleeved tees as those fireplaces can get pretty cosy.

They may be less than sexy, but a pair of warm pyjamas is a must, as are vacuum bags for squeezing those outer padded layers into your suitcase.

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