Too exhausted planning the wedding to even think about a honeymoon? Budget blown out and the big day hasn’t even arrived? Guess a lavish getaway is out of the question then. Maybe work schedules or family commitments mean jetting off after the last dance just isn’t practical.  

You’re not alone. And there is a fabulous alternative – with a cute name to boot – mini-moons.

Mini-moons are gaining momentum as a popular and savvy solution for time-poor newlyweds with pressing priorities.

A long-weekend or short break to recover from the festivities opens up a raft of possibilities. Head to a plushpad nearby and you’ll be enjoying a bubble bath and crisp hotel sheets before your last guest has hit the hay.

When money matters, a short escape makes financial sense. Take the opportunity to upgrade and indulge. You might not be able to afford the super-swish suite with the stellar view for a fortnight but a long weekend? Could be a different story.

If you’re a family of more than two, leaving the kids home for a prolonged period mighn’t be appealing – or possible – while bringing them along is less than romantic. Either way, a few days’ hiatus keeps everyone happy.

Sometimes it’s just the timing that’s off. You can’t take an extended break now, but heading back to work on Monday just wouldn’t seem right. Why not postpone the official honeymoon and opt for a preview instead? You’ll still get to unwind in style and have something left to look forward to. 

From elegant five-star resorts to vineyard retreats, luxury lodges to high-rise hotels, let’s hope the mini-moon trend is here to stay.

4 Tips For A Great Mini-Moon Escape

  1. Forget long flights or drives. Make it local and easy to get to.
  2. Pack lite, carry on luggage only will get you in and out of the airport and to your destination faster.
  3. Off peak. Saturday weddings mean a Sunday to midweek mini-moon so chances are you are in a better position to negotiate a cheaper rate, an upgrade or a few extra honeymoon add-ons.
  4. Don't overbook activities and find you have no time to yourselves, this is a mini-moon.

Most Romantic Mini-moons:

Lodges, Retreats & Chalets


  • Gibraltar Hotel Southern Highlands NSW
  • Peppers Craigieburn, Southern Highlands
  • Blanket Bay Glenorchy - New Zealand
  • The Dacha Wanaka - New Zealand
  • The Banya Wanaka - New Zealand
  • Saffire Freycinet Tasmania

    Beach Breaks

    1. Reef House Boutique Resort & Spa QLD
    2. Bannisters South Coast NSW

    Eco Honeymoons & Glamping

    1. Paperbark Camp NSW South Coast
    2. Freycinet Lodge - Freycinet Tasmania
    3. Eco Beach - Western Australia

    City Escapes

    1. Sofitel Sydney
    2. Novotel Manly Pacific Manly Beach
    3. The Castlereagh Boutique Hotel Sydney NSW
    4. The Henry Jones Art Hotel Hobart TAS

    Easy Island Getaways

    1. Tamanu Beach Villas Aitutaki Island
    2. Te Vakaroa Villas Rarotonga Cook Islands