If you're fortunate enough to have held your wedding ceremony in Fiji, when it comes time to unwind you may just want to try out a different island, or if you've married on the mainland, head offshore to hide away for a few days.

If you're heading to Fiji after saying "I Do" in Australia, you've got a decision on your hands since the country is literally jam-packed with resorts, many occupying individual islands.

Fiji honeymoons

And if you're stuck on the decision between choosing the action and dining options of one of the mainland's five-star resorts and something a little more secluded, why not enjoy a bit of both with a multi-resort or island-hopping itinerary?

Spend a few days restaurant hopping, playing golf and moving between pool bars; then up sticks and shift to a more intimate setting with over-water bures or a couples-only culture at an outer island where chilling out takes on a new dimension.

We probably don't have to tell you about Fiji's exceptional hospitality, it's world famous, and thus honeymooners are often treated to special packages and that extra helping hand to ensure your after-wedding glow continues well after the wedding is done.

Whether you're staying in beautifully decked out bures in traditional style or lapping up the modern luxury of an international resort, you're bound to enjoy delicious local seafood and tropical fruit, plenty of poolside pampering, shopping for local arts and crafts, snorkelling or diving for turtles and tropical fish and as much or as little watersports as the pair of you can handle.

From budget-friendly on a blissful beach to decadent private villas with staff at your beck and call, you'll find an option to suit your honeymoon in Fiji. So pack those sparkly sandals, that Camilla kaftan you've always wanted to wear and a swag of bikinis and floaty summer dresses, a slick of lip gloss and you'll be set. Wish we were coming.

Yasawa Islands Fiji

Why we love Fiji

Fiji is famous for Fiji Time - it sets the pace of your honeymoon as you amble anywhere and everywhere. Everything happens at half the speed and there is nothing anyone can do or wants to do about it - that is what's so good.

You have to love the absense of harmful creepy crawlys as you march through the well worn tracks of the lush forests - no Irwins needed here, you can relax and enjoy the nature in complete safety.

What to expect

Fiji is for the honeymoon couple who want to find deserted white sandy islands, tropical fish, colourful coral, lush rainforests, year round warm water and lots of friendly, happy people.

The accommodation

Fiji caters to all budgets and levels of luxury. Accommodation can be found resorts on the mainland as well as the islands. You can choose to cruise or sail around 330 islands or safari in the rugged peaks and remote villages. If your budget stretches you can even rent and entire island with your own personal staff!!.


In a word, tropical, not too hot and not too cold. Maximum temperatures rarely move out of 26 to 31 degress C year round. A cooling trade wind blows from the east south-east for most of the year. It usually drops to a whisper in the evening and picks up again by mid-morning.

The best months to honeymoon are March through to November. The wet season is from November to April. Typically tropical, the wet season is characterised by heavy, brief local showers. Cyclones are mostly confined to the period November to April, with greatest frequency in January and February.

Dress code

Leave the heels and tie at home, fiji is casual for both night and day. Pack t-shirts, shorts, light cotton dresses, a sarong or two and of course your swimwear. Forget your jeans, they will be too hot and uncomfortable. For cooler evenings pack a jacket. Visitors are asked to be careful not to offend local sensibilities. Wearing bikinis and ultra-brief swimming costumes is fine at a resort but not when visiting villages or shopping in town.

Essential packing

Sunscreens and hats are a must and sneakers or sandals would be good protection for walking and swimming around coral. If your footwear isn't waterproof take an old pair as they probably won't be joining you on the flight home. If you do happen to cut yourself on coral, lemon or lime juice will relieve the pain - as will hydrogen peroxide.


The Fiji dollar. Standard decimal denominations similar to the Australian dollar. Nadi International airport has ATM's along the arrival concourse. 

Credit cards

Most resorts and tourist places accept credit cards. Cash only though when shopping in the villages.


Thanks to Steven Spielberg, receivers were installed in the Mamanuca Island chain during the filming of Castaway so coverage is better.


Same as Australia and New Zealand.


Traffic drives on the left.


Tip with a smile and a 'vinaka' (thank you in Fijian) although tipping is not encouraged or expected anywhere in Fiji.

Travel time

Sydney 3 hours 50 mins.

Time difference

2 hours ahead of Australian east coast (adjust one hour for daylight saving)




Fiji is an english speaking country, where nearly everyone speaks both English and Fijian. You will hear Bula : hello, good evening, good morning, good afternoon...say it anywhere anytime. Vinaka : thank you.


It's not all just romantic deserted islands, Fiji's volcanic foundations provide some spectacular trecks through mountainous rainforests. There are remote villages to explore as well as some spectacular rainforests.