Adventure Honeymoons

If you're looking for a getaway that's more an exciting journey than a relaxing loll on the beach, consider the excitement of an adventure honeymoon!

For those couples who have always thought about taking that dream holiday in a far away land where life is so far removed from our everyday life - now is the time to indulge.

Have you ever thought about booking your honeymoon to Kenya to see the 'big 5', and meeting a Masai warrior, or booking an unforgettable trip through Ecuador's emerald rainforests and Peru's desert coastlines in South America?

Maybe trekking on horseback to discover the unspoilt magic of Reunion Islands huge geographical collapses which have formed three mountain basins opening onto the sea through narrow passes is more like your idea adventure honeymoon?

Some other exhilarating honeymoon adventure packages to set you off on an exciting and fulfilling married life could be, a journey along the Felucca Trail in Egypt exploring the great pyramids and the nearby Sphinx before taking the overnight train to Luxor, browsing the bazaars and the numerous sights on the east bank then crossing the Nile to ride donkeys up into the Valley of the Kings.

Inca Trail Honeymoon

Peru Best Tours

Or perhaps visiting some of the most remote sights on earth is more your style, with an amazing Andean adventure traveling down the spine of South America, across the great deserts, emerald rainforests and Andean peaks discovering active volcanoes, remote beaches, hot springs and the Inca Trail.

Honeymoon In The Arctic Circle


Why not swap a 10 day sweltering island honeymoon for a life changing trip to the Weddell Sea or Arctic Circle. The ice factory that is the Weddell Sea is considered a truely exploratory voyage, as you head into rarely visited regions and your course is determined only by the movement of the ice and weather. Alternatively you could search out the breathtaking bays and islands of the Arctic Circle marveling at its extraordinary natural wonders.

Closer to home...

Ayers Rock honeymoon Kata Tjuta National Park

If you are seeking adventure a little closer to home or perhaps you don't have the time to escpape for more than a few days, we suggest you get yourself to Ayers Rock.  

Seeing this place in the flesh is a must, no photo has ever captured it's true beauty. 

For a 4 day / 3 night itinerary we recommend :

  • Day 1 : Relax, head to the Town Square visitors centre and book into all the activities your want to do. 
  • Day 2 : Hike Valley of the Winds Circuit through the incredible Kata Tjuta National Park together on your own.  Pack a picnic, that you can purchase from the IGA located at Ayers Rock Resort.  
  • Day 3 : A walk around the iconic Uluru - Ayers Rock goes without saying, this take 3-4 hours. Buy some art from the Gallery at Uluru - Ayers Rock - goes straight to the artist and their community.
  • Day 4 :   Before you hope on the plane, we recommend a sunrise walk on your own around Uluru one more time, we walked clockwise from the car park half an hour before sunrise. 

Must Do's

  • The sunset camel tour; the Field of Lights sunset drinks; Astrological night session; Romantic dinner in your room - the room service was unexpectedly great. 
  • Hire a car to take your where you want when you want and avoid the crowds of tours nothing could be less romantic.
  • Pre pack your champagne of choice in your luggage, there isn't a great selection once you get there.

Don't Do's :

  • Buffet dinner at The Outback Pioneer Restaurant
  • Book a tour with a crowd

The world is really your oyster when it comes to booking your ultimate adventure honeymoon.