You have a budget for your honeymoon, but you'd really like to see your dollar go that little bit further. Here are some money saving ideas to that will help your dollar do just that...

1. Travel Off Peak

Travel off peak even if it means waiting a week or a month after your wedding until you leave, the savings on everything will be worth it - other benefits are that there will be less people, more space and more chance of securing bookings for popular side trips and excursions.

2. Be backpacking honeymooners

Backpacker accommodation does not always mean 50 bunks in one room, some backpacker accommodation can be private, quiet, and so romantic!

3. Use a Travel Agent

Before booking cheap flights, check the packages travel agents offer. Their airfare and accommodation package combos - that usually include free honeymoon essential activities, such as romantic dinners, massages, upgrades and champagne on arrival - can be a better overall deal.

A good Travel Agent will not only be able to recommend great honeymoon friendly excursions or side trips, they may be able to get you better deals for these various excursions and side trips.

4. Change money before you leave

Buy the local currency before you arrive in the country.  More remote destinations don't always have a handy ATM available at the airport and if they don't rely on the fact that they will be working.

Change enough money for a taxi fare and a meal or two before you arrive. Exchanging money at the airport once you arrive is usually very expensive.   And check if your destination shuts down for Sundays or religious holidays or the like.

5. Use a Travel Money Card

Sign up for a travel money card, you should check their rates and fee's and compare them to the cost of using your everyday credit card. Do a search online and check what your own Bank can offer you.  

6. Sort out your mobile plan

Contact your mobile service provider and ask about their mobile phone travel plans. Make sure you have plenty of data available to use in the countries you'll be honeymooning through, particularly if you are Social butterflies.  

7. Buy Travel insurance

Not a money saving tip? We disagree. You won't realise how much you miss it until you've been in a position where you've really needed it.

8. BYO

Fancy a Gin and Tonic in the evening? Stock up on duty free and pack an extra special bottle of champagne to enjoy on a surprise romantic activity you plan. Just make sure you check the destinations liquor quota before you buy anything.

9. DIY-Mini Bar

A Do-It-Yourself Minibar is a great way to save. Stock up on snacks and bottled water from the local supermarket if one is nearby. Mark ups on mini bar drinks and snacks are usually extreme.

10. Shop Before You Leave Home

Buy these necessities before you leave.  Sunscreen, headache tablets, tea tree oil (disinfectant), mossie repellant, band aids, tampons, Hydrolyte and anything you think you may need that you may not be able to buy at your destination or will cost a fortune to buy once you are there.

11. Join a Club

Use your points and join a frequent flyer program or a hotel club that offers member benefits such as upgrades, free meals or meal discounts.

12. Disaster zone

Destinations rebuilding after a disaster usually offer heavily discounted rates to encourage tourism, just check for travel warnings before you confirm anything and always register your travel details at

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