Make the brides shower extra special by incorporating a theme. Whether you choose a garden party or a naughty lingerie theme, it will sure to make it one to remember.

Following are some great shower tea ideas.

1. Alphabet Party

Each guest is given a different letter of the alphabet and they bring a present starting with that letter.

2. Around The Clock Shower

Mark each invitations with a different time and have the guests bring something that you would use at that time! - Submitted by Anita Delaforce

3. Basket Showers

Everyone is designated a type of basket ie kitchen, romantic, entertainment, relaxation, bedroom etc. Guests then fill a basket full of goodies to match their given theme.

4. Bathroom Tea

All guests bring something for the bathroom, ie towels, hand towels, bath gels, soaps etc. This is better for smaller parties.

5. Barbecue Party

Guests bring gifts that are outdoor/barbeque related, from a picnic basket, salt & peppers shakers, to an outdoor setting. Guests can even come wearing their best apron!

6. Beautiful Tea

Much loved beauty products, makeup, gorgeous hair accessories and all things a bride would love and need.

7. Cellar Tea

This one always goes down well! Ask guests to bring a gift for the cellar, or something for the bar eg bottle openers, coasters etc. It is also the perfect time for wine tasting!

8. Garden Party

Have an afternoon tea in the back garden and have all the guests bring gifts that are garden related.

bridal shower ideas

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9. Green Tea

Environmentally friendly products for a green bride. From environmently friendly household products to organic linens.

10. Herbal Tea

For the alternative bride who loves oil burners, insense, caffeine free teas.

11. Lavender Tea

Or any other colour. This is a great way for a bride to receive gifts for her house in a colour that you know will match.

12. Lingerie Shower

Guests bring the bride gorgeous gifts of lingerie, including the naughty ones she would never buy herself! Always good for a giggle after a few glasses of champagne!

13. Pamper Tea

Makeover your beauty cabinet and make-up bag. Hint to your guests that you want to indulge your self and perhaps your groom with beauty products like face masks, massage oils, manicure sets and new makeup for your wedding.

14. Pyjama Party

For smaller gatherings get the girls around in their best PJ's for a good old fashioned sleep over with lots of gossip, toe nail painting, pillow fights and midnight snacking. Presents for the bride could include nail polish, beauty products such as mud masks or makeup kits.

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