After tirelessly collecting a closet full of short skirts, boob tubes, bad hair pieces, painful shoes and ex-boyfriends, it comes down to this - one last night out for the bride-to-be before she says I do.

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There is increasing dissatisfaction amongst the soon-to-be married world, tired of enormous hangovers, ruined clothing and being humiliated to the point of petrification.

These days people are opting for a far more civilised and enjoyable approach to this famous pre-marital celebration and there is a big movement to turn the hen's party into something the bride will never forget rather, than something she would rather forget. It's time to be adventurous and do something she has always wanted to do.

Why not plan a day of it and dress up and head off to the Races for a few champagnes, then check into a inner-city hotel to freshen up for dinner, followed with some dancing at a club, culminating in a comfortable stroll back to your hotel and a late checkout after breakfast.

Modern day hens party ideas

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You may think this all sounds expensive, but it’s not. Planned correctly and by taking advantage of last minute deals and group discounts it may not be as expensive as it sounds. Compare it to catching a cab into town, and the stress of trying to get a cab at changeover time! it can work out to be an attractive proposition, both from a financial and enjoyment perspective.

If a day at the races and clubbing isn't your thing - there are other alternatives.

A day at the spa having facials, pedicures, manicures or body scrubs is a great idea. Why not take over a day spa and indulge in hours of rest and rejuvenation before heading out for High Tea. You might go out to the theatre then on to dinner, visit an art gallery, see your favourite band or spend the day on a factory outlet shopping tour. 

Not content with just the one night of festivities....the obvious choice is to then follow the trend and make it a hens weekend away. This opens up a huge number of possibilities for a great girls weekend away and one she'll never forget!

Why not spend a weekend in a winery, go glamping (5 star camping), scale a mountain or two on horseback; throw her out of a perfectly good aeroplane, let her fly a perfectly good aeroplane or pop a few paintballs into her back in revenge for stealing your boyfriend in the 8th grade! You could ride horses or camels, swim with dolphins, drift around on a house boat, play some tennis or golf, go water skiing, learn to surf, or spend an entire weekend by the pool at a resort sipping cocktails and swapping stories!

Whatever you plan for the bride-to-bride, remember plan ahead, be upfront about costs with everyone and make it an event to remember rather than one she would rather forget (or just plain can’t remember!)

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