Banish boring bridal showers with these super suggestions.

Once the domain of grandmas and great-aunts, playing games intended to test your prowess as a future domestic goddess, bridal showers have come a long way baby - thank goodness.

You can go with bridal shower games galore or add a few for fun. 

Browse through our bridal shower wedding game ideas below for inspiration.

With the help of a few 'brides who have been before' we've come up with some safe, quirky and cute games that are sure to make for a hilarious day. 

Poetic Bride Wedding Poems

What you will need:


Everyone gets into a team of two, and are given a wedding word.

In 10 minutes each team must make up a wedding poem about the bride and groom that incorporates their given word. When everyone is finished, there should be a reading of all the poems, and the bride can choose the winner.

Afterwards all the poems should be put into an album for the bride to keep.

How Well Do You Know The Bride?

What you will need:

A crash course on the Bride!

The bride makes up a questionaire of about 20 questions about herself and hands them out to all her guests. Everyone then writes their answers the best they can.

When everyone has finished, all the guests read out their answers one by one, and then the bride can correct them! The person with the most correct answers wins.

Put all the questionaires into a folder for the Bride to keep!

Pin The Bouquet

What you will need:

Poster size picture of the Bride!
A blindfold
A flower with a pin
A bottle of champagne!

Ideally you should have a pic of the bride blown up into poster size, although a sketch will do! Each guest is blindfolded, spun around three times, given a sip of champagne (optional) and then handed a flower with a pin attached.

Each guest must then try and pin the flower to the brides hand (in the pic of course!) The guest who gets closest wins. Mark each guests name on the poster, (it is hilarious how far off people can be!) and give to the bride as a mometo.

Gift Giving Game

What you will need:

A good memory!

Make a list of all your guests and give them to everyone as they arrive. Before you start opening your presents, tell them to pay attention to who gave what. When all gifts are opened, everyone must write down on their lists what each guest gave! The one with the most correct wins.

Who Am I?

What you will need:

To be up on your celebrity news
Post It Notes

All guests write the name of a famous bride (either real or fictitious) on a small piece of paper and puts it in a hat. Everyone then picks one, and without looking at the name, and sticks it on their forehead!

Everyone gets to ask a question about who they are, for example "Am I real?", and can continue with another question if they get a yes answer.

When they get a no answer, the next person gets to ask a question about who they are. When you get an idea of who you might be, you can take a guess, but you can only guess three times before you are out. The person who guesses who they are first wins.

I Went To...

What you will need:

Champagne, and a good memory!

This game is particularly good after a few bottles of bubbly!

Everyone sits in a circle and the first person to start the game must say "I went to (Bride's name) Wedding and I . . . . "adding a sentence.

The next person must then start from the beginning, saying what the first person said, and then adding another sentence. Continue around the circle until someone forgets the story, and then is out of the game. The person who is left wins. It is also a nice touch to tape the game for the bride to keep.

Tasting Game

What you will need:

Small bowls
A full pantry

Fill each bowl with a sample of a food substance ie flour, sauces, spices etc and stick the name of each under the bowl. Each guest is given a spoon and must taste the contents, and write down on a piece of paper what their guess is. The guest who has the most correct wins.

Wedding Pictionary

What you will need:

A white or black board
White board pens
An egg timer

Basic artistic ability!

You will need a white board so all the guests can see the drawings and an egg timer. Everyone writes down a word related to the wedding theme and puts them in a bowl.

Then in pairs, one picks a word and attempts to draw it on the white board, and the other has to guess what it is, beating the one minute egg timer. If successful you get one point. The pair with the most points wins.

Wedding Charades

What you will need:

A sense of humour!

A classic game that everyone knows. The only catch is that every movie, song, book etc must be wedding related.

Pass The Parcel Wedding Style

What you will need:

White or colourful paper (packing/butcher paper) perhaps to match the wedding themes.

A gift.

Questions about the bride.

Wrap a gift in many layers of paper.

To get to open the next layer you have to answer a question on the outside layer, whether it be a question about the bride or anything wedding related!

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