Banish boring bridal showers with these delicious bridal shower and kitchen tea food suggestions.

From chic high teas, to garden parties, elegant long lunches to casual affairs hosted by family members and your bridal party. There's plenty of scope for your bridal party to tailor a pre wedding event such as the bridal shower, intimate or extravagant, to suit the brides overall wedding style, and personality.

The maid of honour along with the bridal party or family members usually host the bridal shower at their home and invited wedding guests, usually female friends bring gifts related to the bridal shower theme, such as a kitchen tea, cellar tea or a coloured theme shower such as green tea.

A significant part of any kitchen tea or bridal shower is the food and what your guests will sip. If you plan to make a feature of the food and beverages, or hire a caterer to do this for you, here are a few tried and tested bridal shower food ideas that are sure to leave a tasty impression.

Snacks in a cone

As your guests arrive to the event, have them greeted by tasty snacks in paper cones. This might be miniature donuts, hot nuts, or even popcorn - it's up to you! If your bridal shower has a theme, such as a Green Tea, old Hollywood or carnivalesque, the kind or colour of food you serve in your cone can be matched to that theme.

Chocolate-dipped cherries

There's a lot of fuss about chocolate-dipped strawberries, but what about other fruits? Cherries dipped in white or milk chocolate look fantastic and taste great, too!

If you want to give them an even more outstanding look, consider adorning the melted chocolate with sprinkles or edible silver dots. Not only will they taste mouth-wateringly good, they make for fantastic table decoration.

Cake pops

Cake pops are easy to hold and devour and make great bridal shower treats, and they're extra fun when decorated to the party's theme. Their exterior can be primed to look like a wedding dress or tuxedo - another photograph favourite!

Fruit skewers

If you've got a lot of sugary foods on offer, it's always great to offer a healthy alternative. Seasonal fruits on a skewer is an easy snack to put together, and always go down a treat.

Not just for bridal showers, turn all your pre wedding events Turn your bachelorette party, hens party, into Whatever you decide, your guests' mouths will be watering in no time!

Preserved Lemon Guacamole

Preserved lemons add a little zing to anything, and will turn a guacamole chip and dip into a delightful hit of that is both salty and citrusy, balancing out the flavours of rich, creamy avocados. Slice a selection of bright, fresh vegetables in season for a healthy alternative as guests arrive.


A popular pre wedding party cocktail is a pretty peach Bellini.

A Bellini is made up of puréed white peaches and Prosecco, an Italian sparkling wine. The original recipe was made with a couple of drops of raspberry or cherry juice to give the drink a pretty pink glow. The Itailian tradition was to marinate the fresh peaches first in white wine. 

How to plan a bridal shower

Kitchen teas or Bridal showers are usually planned 2 to 3 weeks before the big day. The bridal shower gift for a guest to bring is themed, so that the bride and groom get what the need and want. For example a kitchen tea bridal shower means that the guest would bring anything for the bride and groom to use in their kitchen. A shower tea; anything for the couple to use in their bathroom, a Green Tea then, anything eco friendly or the colour green!

The bridal shower guest list is made up of your close female friends who you have invited to your wedding. The maid of honour and the bridal party organise the event, at their house or the house of a close family member.


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