Hen's nights are a very personal thing, and each bride will differ in what she wants from this tradition.

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Some opt out of this pre-wedding celebration completely, others have a low-key gathering while some go all out with a wild night.

Here are four tips for both bride and bridesmaids, that everyone might want to keep in mind before your hen's night comes along.

1. Set your limits

While traditionally it's the bridesmaids who will organise this event, that doesn't mean the bride has no control. If you're a bride uncomfortable with a male stripper turning up or don't want saucy decorations all over the place, make sure your nearest and dearest planners know.

2. Let the bride choose her guests

Some bridesmaids are left guessing who to invite and this can end up causing a faux-pas if the wrong people are invited or left off the list.

If you're planning a surprise event, it might be best to keep it small, inviting only the closest of friends so you can be sure the bride is happy with who is there.

3. Get creative

A hen's night doesn't have to be an evening out on the town drinking.

Here are 4 tips to help you plan your hen's night

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Instead, why not consider a spa day, or relive your teen years with a pajama party sleepover or head into the park for a picnic?

Depending on budget restraints, you might even want to head away for a weekend on a camping trip, beach break or mountain retreat.

Remember, bridesmaids and those attending the hen's festivities are usually the ones who pay for the whole affair, which is definitely something to keep in mind before you start planning flights to Las Vegas.

4. Choose the date wisely

It's best to avoid planning a hen's night too close to the wedding day. At that point, nerves will be setting in and the bride will be busy with plenty of other things to do.

But it can also be wise not to host your hen's night too far out from the actual wedding, either. Sometimes this can reduce the excitement and anticipation, so aim for around one month out from the big day.

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