So you are thinking about a his and hers tattoo. We speak to Mike Driver from from MJ Driver Tattoo Removal (@MJdriverlasertattooremoval) what you should know and the questions you should ask before you go under the needle on bended knee.

Tory : Can you tell me more about the ingredients in the ink use for tattoos?

Mike : Most tattooers don't know the ingredients in the tattoo inks they're using. Some will specify if they're vegan inks (most brands are vegan whether it's stated or not). Just do your research and find a reputable tattooer. If they're good they won't use cheap inks.

Tory : What does being a licensed tattoo artist mean?

Mike : Only Queensland and New South Wales have 'tattoo licenses'. They don't mean a thing except that you've had a police check and no serious criminal history.

A tattoo license doesn't mean the person is talented enough to be a tattooer or have completed any infection control courses.

Tory : Should I request a patch test?

Mike : A good tattooer is not going to do a patch test. You either want the tattoo or you don't.

Tory: (fair enough!)

Tory : How do I know if I will regret this in 10,20,30 years?

Mike : You don't! With the explosion of popularity in tattoos into the mainstream world, laser businesses are on the rise.

Think long and hard about your tattoo before you get it.

It is designed to be permanent and let me tell you first hand, laser tattoo removal can be uncomfortable - but definitely the best option for removal. We use the Picosure (@picosure and @cynosureaustralia) and Medlite for the superior skin results, which means you can do another tattoo over the top if you want a redesign.

Tory. What is the aftercare procedure?

Mike : Leave the wrap on the tattoo for a few hours. Wash the area with warm soapy water, pat dry and continue to let it air dry for an hour or two.

Apply a thin layer of Bepanthen cream and re-wrap overnight. Repeat this process for a week or so. No sun, no swimming pools, spas or the ocean until it's healed!

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