We all love our Mums, but it's easy to forget that when we get married, as much as Mum will be excited, she is probably a smidge emotional.

Here are 6 suggestions for some memorable "Mum & me" time before the big day

1. Laugh & Learn

Enrol in a course or activity together and you'll not only learn something, you'll probably laugh a lot too. Depending how adventurous Mum is you could opt for anything from life drawing and pole dancing to circus skills, tai chi, meditation, pottery, golf, tennis or massage....

2. Raid Her Recipes 

Every Mum has a few secret recipes up her sleeve, why not spend a day stealing them from yours and reminiscing about favourite family meals along the way. Create a folder together of master meals and you'll be able to pass them to your kids one day too.

3. Head Away For A Mini Vacay

Whisk Mum away for a weekend of bonding and beauty at a fabulous spa retreat. You can then book it in as an annual event to regularly re-connect, even after you've said "I do".

Golden Door have weekend or week-long stays to relax and reconnect - and you can get your wedding glow on at the same time.

4. Hit The High Street

There's nothing like retail therapy for mother/daughter bonding, so why not take the focus off what you'll be wearing for a weekend and spend some time helping Mum pick her outfit and accessories - you could even get your hair and make-up done together and enjoy a night out when you hang up your shopping bags.

5. Peruse Old Pics

What could be better - or more sentimental - than curling up on the couch one weekend with Mum to thumb through the family photo albums (remember those things where people actually printed real pictures) and re-live old memories. It might even inspire you to put together a fab slide show you can use at your hen's night or reception....

6. Broach That Bucket List

We all have a bucket list, but why not tick something of yours - and your Mum's - together to create an out-of-this-world experience you'll always share. Try sky-diving, do a hot lap in a V8, hike the Larapinta Trail, swim with dolphins or learn how to make macaroons - whatever floats (both of your) boats!

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