Golden Door Health Retreat & Spa, Elysia is the perfect place to focus on yourself!

healthy bride

Golden Door creates the perfect environment for Brides-to-be to spend quality time focussing on themselves. It is also a perfect place to spend with a partner, loved one or a special friend in the lead up to the wedding allowing plenty of quality time to reconnect without the distractions of daily life and sometimes the stressful impact of organising a wedding.

healthy bride

A fabulous part of the Golden Door experience is learning to slow down, to breathe deeply and to be more mindful. For brides, this is so important because if they are not careful they could miss their whole wedding day or ruin what is supposed to be a beautiful experience. Learning to be more resilient, in the moment and calm means that if something goes wrong on the day, you are less reactive, can put it in perspective and be more solution focussed.

We have a beautiful saying at Golden Door "Let it Go". These three words whilst simple can be profound. For brides ‘letting go' of being in ‘worry mode' and constantly thinking ‘what's next' will help enormously in ensuring that the day is enjoyed and that the Bride is fully engaged and in the moment.

Being part of our world renowned 3, 5 or 7 night programs will ensure you experience the very best in relaxation, holistic health, fitness and positive encouragement to enrich your life and better prepare you for your special day.

Our purpose built health and wellness retreat houses one of Australia's largest and luxurious Day Spas. Call 1800 212 011 to talk to a team member about how Golden Door can transform you.

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