12 ways to go from Bridezilla to Bridechilla....

1. Learn to meditate

Slowing down is the secret to many people's success with meditation the ideal way to take a break from your busy bride's brain. If you haven't tried it yet, pop along to a class or download one of the many meditation apps for a DIY version.

2. Seek help from the professionals!

The Golden Door's three-night Motivate for Change program runs weekly from Sunday to Wednesday, making it ideal for busy brides, while the seven-night Health Enhancement program will have brides super chilled and glowing from top to toe.

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3. Try tai-chi

You've seen people practising their slow-mo moves in the park, and boy do they look serene. Find out how they do it with a local class and see how controlled movements in the fresh air can work their magic on wedding planning mayhem.

4. Outsource

If you're really not coping - or don't want to have to - with wedding planning, and your budget allows, hire a wedding planner to take care of the nitty gritty and sit back and watch it happen.

5. Get outside

Whether it's a leisurely bike ride or a long beach walk, there's a good reason why fresh air and a bit of exercise have long been prescribed as a quick fix for stress - they work!

6. Just breathe

If you're up for something different, try qigong, a blend of meditation, rhythmic breathing and coordinated movements favoured by martial artists, philosopher and practitioners of Chinese medicine to balance their ‘life energy'.

7. Make me-time a priority

It might only be 30 minutes a day, but when you're working, planning a wedding and fielding the many curve balls that invariably involves, finding time for yourself may seem impossible. It's not. Whether you get up 30 minutes earlier or schedule it into your planner, finding half an hour every day to do something for yourself that's not wedding related will work wonders for your frazzled feelings.

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8. Be mindful


If you've managed to get away from it all to take a walk, go for a ride or hit the yoga mat, make sure you're in the moment. Don't spend your down time running through your wedding to-do list on autopilot. Give your brain a well-deserved break.

9. Eat well

Loading up on coffee or sugar before bedtime won't help your mind stop spinning and a wired bride is a tired bride so feed your caffeine cravings in the morning and hit the herbal tea at night.

10. Share the load

If planning the big day is getting on top of you, tell someone. Your best friend, favourite aunt or sister will be happy to help you decide whether to serve chicken or salmon or where to seat feuding family factions - you just have to ask them.

11. Put insomnia to bed

It's not uncommon for busy brides to struggle to sleep. Experts suggest turning off all screens at least an hour before bed and having a bath, dimming the lights or reading a book to help you wind down.  This includes putting away all wedding magazines and to-do lists!

12. Let it go

Brigid Walsh General Manager of Golden Door says "We have a beautiful saying at Golden Door - Let it Go. These three words whilst simple can be profound.

For brides ‘letting go' of being in ‘worry mode' and constantly thinking ‘what's next' will help enormously in ensuring that the day is enjoyed and that the Bride is fully engaged and in the moment."  We couldn't agree with you more Brigid! 

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