Getting in shape is one of those objectives a lot of us have had lurking away on our personal to-do list for years. Once a wedding day looms though, for many people the idea of getting in good shape suddenly transforms from an abstract goal to a very real one.

The trick is to not let getting in shape eclipse the fun and excitement of planning! Easier said than done.

Here are five tips for getting in shape without going overboard.

1. Build a Sustainable Fitness Routine

I probably don't need to waste words here by pointing out that wedding preparations can be amazingly stressful.

It's not like you get a free pass to focus solely on event planning either! Life goes on.
Work and family life continue to make their relentless-and sometimes highly unreasonable!-demands. Finding time for physical fitness in all that craziness is a really tall order.

What works best for you is going to depend a great deal on your personality and life circumstances, but one great option you might like to consider is getting fit from home.

A company like Beachbody offers a wealth of home workouts which you can do in front of a TV or computer monitor. Beachbody makes it incredibly easy to fit these into your busy life.

2. Give Yourself Time

For a lot of brides to be, one of the single biggest stresses (possibly even obsessions) they'll face is worrying about their weight. If this is you, the number one thing you can do for yourself is not set yourself ridiculous targets.

Remember, this day isn't about how much you weigh! It's just one day in your life. So go easy on yourself and set reasonable goals.

Know well in advance what your target weight should be and set a goal of aiming for it gradually. Ideally you should be looking at losing around a pound a week maximum.

This makes it easier on your body and takes a ton of stress off mentally and emotionally.
It can be a really good idea to check in with your doctor or a nutritionist to get guidance on what your goal should be, and again, it's far better to do this six to twelve months out than mere weeks from your big day.

3. Focus on Health, Not How You Look

I know, it's easier said than done. We're surrounded with images of physical perfection and it's easy to fall into the trap of feeling weighed down (pun absolutely intended) by unreasonable expectations.

If you feel you need a reality check about your self-image, check out this great page. It provides some hard data on body shape based on a survey of over 18,000 women.

The big take home is that only 20% of women have a shape (not weight, we're talking purely about shape here) which conforms to the kinds of clothes fashion designers produce for the catwalk.

Compounding this is the simple fact that we all store body fat differently. So if you're not that classic shape you see in the glossy magazines, you officially have permission to let it go!

Besides, it's just dumb to equate your physical fitness with how closely you resemble a classic mass-media endorsed image of physical beauty.

So here's some boring advice: focus instead on feeling good. Take a break from the scales and think about what hurts in your body, or the things you'd love to do which you currently can't, and then build a plan on how to get there.

4. Eat Well

Whatever you do, don't make the mistake a lot of people make when planning their wedding by losing sight of a healthy diet.

Sometimes people choose to crash diet to shed a few pounds. Others go the opposite direction and binge on fast food as a way of handling the stress of the impending day.
It's a really common mistake and it leads to a lot of additional stresses you simply don't need.

So do yourself a favor and focus on a lean, reasonable and healthy diet which gives you sufficient energy to stay on top of everything you need to do.

5. Don't Forget Your Mental Health!

In a recent survey of 500 engaged couples, 96% reported finding wedding planning stressful. That's an incredibly tiny sliver of people who aren't negatively impacted. Over 85% of responders suffered over 3 stress-related medical problems.

So what does that tell us? It suggests that your mental well-being is one of the most important aspects of your health you can focus on in the lead up to your big day.
How we deal with stress is going to be different for everyone. You know yourself best, so you should find what works for you.

It may be setting up a spa day. It might be making sure you get enough sleep and down time in your week. Perhaps it just boils down to making sure you get time to vent with your friends.

Whatever it is, be sure to do it. How you feel matters.

The bottom line is, try to keep the goal of getting in shape in perspective. Look after yourself, keep talking to your loved ones... oh and don't forget to have fun.

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