How you proceed with your wedding plans depends on how you feel about your big day and comes with consultation with your partner. 

Would you like to have an active role in the preparation process, or would you prefer to play a more supportive role to the bride-to-be? 

Either way, as the groom, you will need to do your fair share of helping out.

Offer to help

The bride is likely to be busy planning the flowers, the cake, the venue and hunting for a dress all at once, so offer to take some simple tasks off her hands, such as picking up supplies or making a few phone calls.

Keep it alive

Remember to make an effort in keeping the romance alive throughout the process.

That might mean attending a dance class together so you can fulfil your bride's wish of a 'first dance', or even something as simple as researching and planning your dream honeymoon together.

Bride And Groom Leaving The Wedding

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Morning of surprise

You'll get extra points if you pull off a loving gesture such as sending her a love letter to read on the morning of the wedding, or a special recorded voice message or video.

In need of a polish

No matter what, listen to your bride-to-be's grooming advice! You may not think anything of it at the time, but donning those wacky cufflinks she begged you not to wear probably just isn't worth the trouble.

Find more grooming for the groom tips here.

Not everyone can pull off a Bradley Cooper

Don't go wild with your buck's night.

A little bit of innocent fun won't do any harm, but no bride or groom wants to wake up to a situation straight out of the Hangover film franchise.

Make sure your friends are on the same page as you so the night goes off without a hitch.

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