If you thought you were going to get a free ride as the groom (and let's face it, compared to your bride-to-be you probably still are), think again. There's plenty of scope for the groom to get involved, from traditional responsibilities to sharing the load in every which way you can. It all depends how much energy you're willing to put in, and how much of a control freak you're marrying!

After consulting many a gorgeous groom, here at i-do.com.au we've put together a long list of tasks for you to take on board to help lighten the load for the one you love. So....forget about purchasing the season pass to the footy and cancel that round of golf...prepare to plan.

1. Work together with your fiancée to set a budget

This one's imperative and it literally can't wait. Pretty much everything flows from here. Traditionally, the bride's family paid for the wedding while the groom's family took on the rehearsal dinner and the cost of transport but today it's increasingly common to split as many costs as possible. Work out which one of these you'll be as soon as you can.

2. Choose your best man and groomsmen

Convention dictates that your brother (if you have one) trumps your best friend in this decision, but ultimately it's your call. And the sooner you make your decision, the sooner you can start to delegate.

3. Set up a wedding calendar

Keep up to date with the wedding planning with your own or a shared wedding planning calendar. Coordinate appointment times, go-sees, tastings and the like, and have access to the wedding guest spreadsheet with guest details so you can help in managing RSVPs and gifts you've received as well as keep a note of the thank you notes that need to be sent. 

4. Call yourself the king of transport

You're in charge of booking the wedding cars for the day as well as arranging transport for the mother/father of the groom, the bride and the wedding party to and from all venues throughout the day. From home to the ceremony location, onward to photographs, to the reception and then home again. If your wedding is in a regional, country or far flung location where taxi transport will be tough, arrange bus transport for your guests to get home at the end of the night. Just a little job then....

Find local car hire and guest transport options

5. Choose wedding bands

Take your fiance out to you shop for the wedding bands, and surprise her by having hers secretly engraved with a special message.

Browse and shop online for wedding bands and engagement rings.

6. Organise your outfit

That may sound simple but allow plenty of time in case you need to have something tailor made or altered and remember to consult with your beloved bride as her look and yours should obviously coordinate. Once you have your look under control, turn your hand to your groomsmen and if they're not all living in the same city - get cracking!

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7. Delegate jobs

Find jobs for those who aren't actually part of the wedding party such as your fiancee's brothers, cousins, your family members by delegating roles such as ushering or driving significant family members to and from the day's events.

8. Choose the master of ceremonies

This is an important role on the night so if you are asking a friend or family member you should make this decision together. Find out more about choosing a good MC.

Choosing the wedding MC

9. Be the perfect host

Organise refreshments be it champagne, beer, water, or a little of all, and an esky and ice to be on hand between the ceremony and the reception while your bridal party are hanging around waiting for you to finish up with the wedding photos. And, if alcohol is not part of your wedding reception package, make your own selection and order quantities for delivery on or before the day.

10. Book the wedding night accommodation

And remember not to let slip to your groomsmen the location otherwise they may be there to meet you at the end of the night.

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11. Guest accommodation for a destination wedding

If yours is a destination wedding, contact nearby hotels or the venue where your wedding is well in advance to hold a block of rooms for your guests.

12. Research and book your honeymoon

Now for the fun part. Although most couples make this decision together there's certainly something romantic about planning the trip of a lifetime for your busy bride, torturing her with the suspense and then delighting in her reaction when you're well on the way the next day.

Research the perfect honeymoon

13. Volunteer

Volunteer to call and confirm and pay deposits for all vendors and services during the month leading up to the wedding. Remember that electronic calendar from above - this is where it'll come in handy

14. Write your own vows

These days, couples are opting for originality when it comes to exchanging vows and writing their own wedding vows. We love the idea of not sharing the vows until the wedding day and surprising your eachother with your well thought our words and promises for the future.

Find out more on writing your own wedding vows.

15. Write your wedding speech

Pen your speech well ahead of time rather than on a napkin the morning of the wedding - and remember to thank your new parents-in-law, your beautiful bride, your parents, your best man, your groomsmen and anyone you asked to help out in point 7.

Get ideas on writing your wedding speech.

16. Buy a wedding gift for your bride

Sure this one sounds simple, but something thoughtful, romantic and with longevity is best. But that's where our help ends. It's up to you to go and work out what that might be....

17. Write a love letter

Have a letter delivered to your bride on the wedding day with a message of love, include a photo of when you first met and reassure her. Tell her to forget about the weather or the fact the bomboniere ribbon didn't match the bridesmaids fabric and to let the day unfold, and enjoy it.

18. Thank your groomsmen

Buy thank you gifts for your groomsmen which you can present at the ceremony rehearsal or on the morning of the wedding, pre-ceremony.

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19. On the day payments

Arrange to have cash on hand (in labelled envelopes) to give to the best man to pay the celebrant and anyone else who requires payment on the day.

20. The wedding gifts

Organise for someone responsible - perhaps an uncle or family friend to be in charge of transporting gifts at the end of the night and delivering them somewhere safe the next day, whether that's your place or someone else's if you're heading off on honeymoon right away.

Wedding Clebrations

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