The wedding lead-up isn't all about the bride, well, not completely. Check out our pre-wedding regime just for the boys to have him looking like handsome hubby material in no time...

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1.  Get Him To The Gym

So your betrothed may not have seen the inside of a gym in some time - but it's never too late - and with all kinds of power packages on offer through gyms and personal trainers (some open 24 hours a day) - it will be possible to locate your guy's inner six-pack in time to look hot on your honeymoon - there's no excuse for not looking tip-top before the big day.

2.  Real Men Get Manicures

While the thought of venturing into the local nail salon may fill him with fear, the end result will be worth it, especially since your wedding day is one of the only times in H2B's life when his hands will come in for a close up. After all, nobody wants an arty black and white photo with a shiny wedding ring attached to a festy-looking finger! Just a quick cuticle trim, buff and polish is all that's required and while he's there, why not book him a pedicure too - especially if you're planning to be barefoot and beautiful on the beach somewhere post-wedding.

3.  You Can Tell A Lot About A Person By His Shoes

You may have heard this old adage from your grandpa, but there's more than a little truth to it and a patch and shine of his work shoes or old favourites just won't cut it for your wedding day. Whether it's a pair of swish sandals for a tropical affair or old-school elegance for a formal do, it's worth investing in a new pair of shoes. You sure wouldn't need any encouragement - why should he?

4.  Manscaping Is Mandatory

From having his eyebrows shaped (and waxed if mono or caterpillar brows are a concern) to trimming stray nasal or ear hairs, there's no shame in a bit of DIY manscaping or booking in for some professional help - especially with all those close-up shots coming up. For larger areas, such as back or shoulder hair, it's worth considering a professional wax or series of laser treatments, especially if you're honeymooning somewhere where he's likely to be wearing little more than boardies at the beach.

5.  Spend Some Time In The Salon

A facial will make him look and feel fabulous - just beware if he hasn't been before he may become hooked - but book it in the week before your wedding rather than the day before in case of any last-minute breakouts. If your man's a little on the pasty side and you're tying the knot somewhere tropical, a light spray tan might be worth a thought, just make sure he does a trial run first to ensure he doesn't meet you at the end of the aisle looking like he's rolled in cheese Doritos.

6.  A Hollywood Smile Is Worthwhile

Whether he wants to go the full monty and have his teeth professionally whitened (or a series of porcelain veneers fitted if money is no object), or just pay a visit to the oral hygienist for a serious scrub, there's nothing worse than forgetting to take care of the pearly whites and flashing his pearly yellows instead.

7.  Take Care Of His Hair

Hitting the hairdresser in the lead up to the big day is an obvious one, but men with longer locks should have their tresses tamed on the morning by a professional stylist. Why not spoil him with a professional shave (which will take care of any stray hairs on the neck too) which will have him looking and feeling like a million dollars...or more.

8.  A Gorgeous Glow Comes From Within

It's all very well to focus on his external appearance, but to truly have him looking swish, some of the glow has to come from the inside. By drinking plenty of water in the weeks leading up to the wedding, or even trying out a juice or other detox or cleanse for a few days in the week before you'll have his eyes sparkling and his skin looking almost as good as yours! Try Shakti's superfood blend from the Holistic Chef.

9.  If All Else Fails - Shop For Shapewear!

This one's pretty self-explanatory, but he may take some convincing. Just remind him there's entire ranges of shapewear targeted towards men these days, tucking in tummies and keeping wobbly bits in check - and what's even better - nobody else will ever know.

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