when to set up a gift registry

Wedding List Co.

Ideally, you should set up your bridal registry six months in advance from your wedding date. This will give you enough time to carefully select the items and ranges you want to include on your bridal registry.

Setting up a bridal registry a little earlier givesĀ  for wedding guests attending pre-wedding parties such as bridal showers, kitchen teas and engagement parties a chance to use the registry for gifts or gift ideas for these events.

We suggest you review your bridal registry closer to the wedding date, that way you can refresh your list by adding new items and build on ranges that seem to be popular gifts.

For those of us who can't wait until the wedding to know what they're getting some bridal registries will email you once an item has been purchased with details of who bought the item. This gives you the chance to be super organised with thank you cards that you can prepare and have ready to send as soon as the gift is received. It can also act as a receipt if the store sends the wrong item or if you don't receive the item due to some oversight.

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