Your mum. The person who has dedicated so much time to bringing you up to be the person you are today.

Your mum who has been a great resource of perpetual assistance throughout the entire planning process of your wedding, getting us all here in one happy piece, ready for this momentous occasion (whether we have wanted them to or not)....for some this will sound way over the top and for others this will ring true.

Whatever the effort or over effort has been on you mum's part, it is important to give them a gift of thanks on your wedding day.

Whether the planning process has brought you closer together or driven you miles apart...this a gift of thanks for being mum...of sorry for all the sleepless nights you have given her...of forgiveness for all the times she may have helped/interfered too much and of course a gift of congratulations on bringing up such a great person.

mother of the bride


As with the dad's, the mum's of the bride and groom play a huge role on your wedding day, and they are the reason you are here in the first place! Here are some gift ideas to show your appreciation and to say thanks for all their guidance.

  1. Earrings, necklace or bracelet set

  2. Jewellery box

  3. A framed picture of you and your mum

  4. A set of engraved champagne flutes

  5. A limoge teacup

  6. A luxury accessory; a hat from a famous milliner, a pair of leather gloves, a cashmere stole or cardigan

  7. A voucher for a day spa, or any beauty treatment

  8. Perfume or her favourite lipstick

  9. Crystal perfume atomiser

  10. Linen handkerchief or hand towel

  11. Theatre tickets to a show you know she would love

  12. A voucher to her favourite department store

  13. A gorgeous print or artwork that suits mums house

  14. A weekend at a health retreat together

  15. A photo of you and mum

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