So you want to give your groom something special to say you can't wait to be his wife....but what?

We love the idea of surprising your one-and-only the night before you say ‘I do' by sending a special delivery with a pizza for him and his pals, or on the morning of the big day with a cute, quirky gift that speaks to him in a way only you can.

Whether it's based on an inside joke or a curious habit, we love this selection of memorable memento suggestions which are bound to put a smile - or a smirk - on his handsome hubby-to-be face.

The traveller

If you love to travel together, or if he travels for work, choose a swish man-bag from Paul Smith or the Henty CoPilot Backpack designed by two Aussie mates who have come up with the ultimate bag for active travellers and commuters, with space for tech toys and toiletries. (see it in action here)

Another option is a luxe leather weekender which will look even better with time, just like you, right? Fill it with new his-and-hers PJs printed with your married names or ‘hubby' and ‘wifey' (sites like have fab options) and booking info for a weekend away.

The nervous groom

Think he'll be in a lather the night before - or the morning of? Break the ice and help him see the bright side with a pair of ‘in case you get cold feet socks', delivered to his door. Include a reassuring card and maybe an amusing selfie and he'll appreciate your humour, forget his nerves and be skipping down the aisle in no time.

Mr punctual....Mr last-minute

So he's anal about being early (and it drives you kind of mental) - or he's constantly late which doesn't put a smile on your dial engraved watch, a vintage pocket watch or a fun alarm clock will all get the message across.

The collector

If he's got a particular passion (stamps...ok maybe not, guitars, caps, cycling) seek out a rare treasure and he'll appreciate you forever (well, hopefully he will anyhow...). Scour eBay and sites such as for rare finds - just give yourself enough time for postage or international shipping.

The drinker (oops....we meant wine connoisseur)

If he's a wine buff, have a special label created to commemorate your love, find a bottle from the year you got together (try, or for beer buffs, try a craft brewing kit - or course.

The man-about-town

If your hubby-to-be is a smooth operator, why not hit up for a personalised laptop bag, wallet, keyring or wash bag - a timeless option he'll treasure (and see everyday, which remind him of you, of course). Other swish picks include ranges from Paul Smith or Bottega Veneta.

The sentimental (soppy) groom

If he's a fan of romance and all things sentimental, why not put together a photo book? (you can do it easily at Begin with your first pics together, then run sequentially through highlights right up until your latest pre-wedding snap. Leave the last page with a frame and caption but no image, ready for your first and fave wedding pic. Why not leave it in his wedding car to discover and browse through on the way to the ceremony?

The action-man groom

What could be more romantic than throwing your betrothed out of a plane (with a parachute of course), feeding him to the sharks in Pt Lincoln (in a cage we hope), or watching him burn around a track in a race car? If you know what gets his heart started, then buy an experience he'll never forget - and always thank you for. 

And the rest.....

Other cute ideas for any - and every - kind of groom include a personalised wooden trinket box (filled with bits and pieces that are meaningful just for the two of you such as engraved cufflinks, photos, jewellery, favourite choccie, a love letter etc); or a printed map or latitude/longitude coordinates for the location where you're getting hitched.

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