They're probably among your favourite people on the planet, and they've helped you through one of the most special - and potentially stressful - days of your life, so selecting an appropriate thank you gift for your bridesmaids is an important item on tick off your wedding to-do-list.

Gifts that come from the heart are often some of the most appreciated. Examples include a gorgeous framed picture of you and the friend, a piece of jewellery with a special personalised engraving or an embroidered clutch or handkerchief.

You may want your gift to be something that's wearable for the occasion. Great wearable gifts for bridesmaids include necklaces, a bracelet, a glamourous hairpiece or even shoes! Some brides have been known to write heartfelt messages inside a shoe or even on the sole to say thank you to their bridesmaids.

There really are no limits except your budget and imagination!  We've scanned the Etsy marketplace and found gift ideas that are inexpensive, ultra-impressive and a little different.

bridesmaids gifts

Finch And Oak

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