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Who doesn't love the opportunity to choose gorgeous gifts? No we don't know anyone either, but there is an art to creating a coordinated bridal registry (without a toaster in sight), you just have to know where to start...right here.

1. Timing

When it comes to bridal registries for beginners, this first point is not negotiable - give yourselves (and your guests) plenty of time.

There's nothing worse than a frantic last-minute dash through the department store adding random items to your gift list because you've left it down to the wire, and a bathroom full of mismatched towels and half a dinner set later you'll probably agree.

Setting up your bridal registry early also allows guests attending pre-wedding parties the opportunity to use the registry for gifts or gift ideas.

2. Research

You and your partner need to seriously asses your home, your tastes and your lifestyles.

Make the most of the store's staff who can assist with your selections; and shop around together before the big decision day to sort out any differences in opinion in the privacy of your own home - not in the middle of the showroom floor.

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3. Longevity

Think about longevity, while you may not plan to stay in the same flat all the years of your married life, you may like to keep the same dinner set for at least the first decade or so, so classic designs - whether traditional or contemporary - are often the best bet (unless of course you have eclectic taste and you know you'll love that orange dinnerware for ever).

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4. How Many Is Too Many? How Much Is Too Much?

Include more gifts than guests, as it allows your wedding guests to browse a suitable gift that they know you will love and that they will enjoy giving you. 

It's important to remember to include gifts that reflect a broad price range, from the realistic and affordable items for your student friends to real treats which might be an option for groups of friends purchasing together or special people who want to spoil you.

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5. What To Include?

Bear in the mind the fact that while gorgeous crystal glasses will be a firm favourite for years to come and look pretty as a picture when you're hosting dinner parties, you still need something to drink from day to day, so try to include practical day-to-day items as well as extravagant bits and bobs for special occasions.

In addition to the usual wedding favourites - dinner sets, glassware, cutlery, linen - it can be fun to include some elegant accessories such as frames, vases, candelabras, lamps, throws, prints, mirrors and the like to add a touch of flair and personality to your home.

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