Flowers play a big role in many weddings, and many brides and grooms will choose their favourites to adorn the festivities.

However, some couples like to stop and think about the meaning of the floral decor. You might not know it, but many flowers have special significance placed upon them!

Here are some flowers with well-established meanings, which may make or break your decision to use them on your big day.

1. Roses

Popular Wedding FlowersPopular Wedding Flowers

Almond Leaf Studios & Jessica Gold Photography

From David Austin's to Peonies, roses are without doubt, the most popular flower for weddings - and it's no wonder! Overall, this flower represents love, but different colours can place emphasis on certain parts of it.

Red roses most signify love, with passion, respect and romance all attributes of this flower.

White roses represent purity and innocence, yellow signifies friendship and joy, and orange desire.

2. Chrysanthemums

Popular Wedding FlowersPopular Wedding Flowers

Jeff Loves Jessica & Jose Villa 

This flower, in whatever colour, signifies good fortune, abundance and wealth in all its forms. This is obviously an attractive option for many reasons!

It looks great in bouquets, too, so can be easily incorporated into your big day.

3. Tulips

tulip bridal bouquetsPopular Wedding Flowers

Ryan Ray Photo & Eric Boneske

This seasonal flower can be a bright addition to any bridal bouquet, or floral arrangement - but be warned, they are delicate.

Tulips represent endless love, with the colour red its most romantic form. Other associated meanings include elegance and grace, which is perfect for brides and grooms in their beautiful wedding day attire.

4. Daisies

Popular Wedding FlowersPopular Wedding Flowers

Austin Gros & Lindsay Gee Photography

Many rustic and country-inspired weddings these days are including daisies. But what do they mean?

There are a few key associations to take into account. Purity, innocence, love, patience and simplicity are just some of the values tied to the daisy flower.

So there you have it - a few common wedding flowers and their meanings. Which ones will you choose for your big day?

5. Calla Lily

Popular Wedding FlowersPopular Wedding Flowers

Jillian Rose Photography & Christine Clarke Photography

Meaning magnificence and beauty, this elegant flower is a perfect match for formal weddings. White calla lilies are associated with purity and innocence, purple calla lillies are for royalty and passion. On their own 

6. Lily Of The Valley

bouquet lily of the valley

James Christianson Photography

Sweetness, a return to happiness, humility and 'you've made my life complete'! With a meaning like this it's no wonder Lilly of the Valley is a popular wedding flower, not to mention it's exquisite scent and pretty green leaves. Use this flower on it's own, as Princess Kate did when she married Prince William, and you have the perfect bouquet for country or garden weddings. 

If you want this flower for your wedding, you only have a 4 week window as it's available anytime in late spring to early summer. 

7. Phalenopsis Orchid

Popular Wedding FlowersPopular Wedding Flowers

Cly By Matthew & It's Beautiful Here

Believed to bring fertility and exotic beauty and symbolizing glorious femininity the Phalenopsis orchid was a popular flower in the 1920's due to it's exotic and rare nature. It is a classic and timeless choice for brides making it the most popular of the Orchids. Loved by brides for beach weddings and for formal city weddings.

8. Sweet Pea

Popular Wedding Flowers

Kate Osborne

In the language of flowers the Sweet Pea translates to blissful pleasure. The ruffled petaled Sweet Pea is a bridal classic. With it's delicate perfume and assortment of the prettiest colours the Sweet Pea was favoured by brides in the Victorian era, and today remains a timeless classic.

10. Gardenia

gardenia bouquets

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You're lovely! This flower represents secret love and would make a great bouquet for an elopment or secret registry wedding.  Brides love them for their intoxicating scent and the ivory white flowers that hide within the wonderfullly deep green foliage. They brown and bruise easily so don't expect these flowers to last much past the ceremony.

11. Freesia

Popular Wedding FlowersPopular Wedding Flowers

Tracy Carolyn & Byran Sargent

Heavenly scented and meaning innocense and thoughtfulness the Freesia flower comes in many colours. Loved by beach, garden or country brides, Freesia's team beautifully with sweet peas, and other garden blooms and for a wedding this year, you'll love them in all white. Avaliable in the cooler months as well as Spring.

12. Ranunculus

Popular Wedding Flowers

Simply Lace Photography

The Ranunculus is a one of a kind flower, symbolizing radiant charm and attractiveness. This wedding flower isn't one that a bride thinks to ask for but wedding florists love it as it has a sturdy stem and is harding wearing.  

With folds of single petals around a cute button centre, these rose like flowers are more affordable and make wonderful buttonholes for the groomsmen.  Comes in white, pinks, apricots, plum, violet the Ranunculus work for spring, summer winter and autumn weddings.

13. Hydrangeas

hydrangea bouquets


Heartfelt emotions and thankful for being understood. This old fashioned flower is a favourite for brides today at formal garden and country weddings.  A single beautiful bloom can be all you need. Looks divine in all white and one of the only flowers available in 'blue'.

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