8 reasons to say I Do at The Belongil

There are a lot of wedding venues sprawling almost everywhere, yet at The Belongil we are proud to say that we bring excellence and passion in our service. Here are some of the reasons why you should celebrate with us.

The Belongil Wedding Venue Sign

1. Natural Surroundings at their Finest

The Belongil is in walking distance to heart of Byron Bay area and directly across from beautiful Belongil Beach.

It is a picturesque attraction that draws in droves of tourists everywhere, which simply adds to the appeal of the venue. The pristine waters and white sands are enough to make you feel in love with the surroundings.

Add walking proximity to the Cape Byron Lighthouse as well as an abandoned train tracks, and you have your dream location!

The Belongil Wedding Venue Beach

2. Ceremony Spots within the Vicinity

We are in the best location for your reception, as two of the top ceremony areas are just within quick walking distance. Whether you prefer to have the vows with the blue waters of the Belongil Beach behind you, or the comfort and greenery of the Old Jetty Park surrounding you, that's possible!

beach wedding ceremonies at Byron Bay

And the great thing is that you won't have to drive to get anywhere because you can walk to any of these places from the Belongil.

3. A Venue that Adapts to Your Wedding Theme Fantasy

The Belongil Wedding Venue

We are very proud to say that the Belongil is pretty much like a chameleon, adapting to whatever whims and wishes you have.

Whether you want a standard all-white motif or a tropical summer escapade, we can cater to that demand and so much more. The space is not too small nor too wide, making it a great place to commune with your friends and loved ones.

4. Everything Picture Perfect

The Belongil Wedding Venue Table SettingThe Belongil Wedding Venue Cake

There's a reason why guests always choose The Belongil as the place to be. With the unfaltering popularity of social media, you always want to snap moments and share it with everyone! Our venue itself is share-worthy, and other picturesque attractions like the abandoned train tracks, the Belongil Beach, and the Old Jetty Park are all within reach.

5. Mouth-Watering Delicacies

The Belongil Wedding Venue Table Setting

What's an occasion without food on the table? We pour our passion and dedication into concocting the best dishes you will ever taste and send you on a journey that will indulge all your senses. From desserts, to gourmet meals, and even wedding cakes, we can certainly address those needs. Not only are they delicious, but they are also pleasing to the eyes.

6. Access to Different Types of Accommodation

If you are not from within the Byron Bay area, that's not a problem at all! Different accommodations are within reach when you decide to hold your reception at the Belongil area. Whether you choose a backpacker's accommodation or a five-star resort, that's not an issue as all of them are within reach. As a matter of fact, some offer discounts for our guests!

7. A Friend to Man's Best Friend

Some establishments discriminate your furry companions, but not us! We know that your dogs are family to you, and we allow them to be a part of the celebration. Feel free to bring them in because they are more than welcome to join us. This way, no one gets left behind - not even your pampered pooch.

8. Critics Don't Lie

The Belongil Wedding Venue Railway Tracks

We've received flattering reviews both from guests and critics alike, and we've been crowned as one of the best wedding venues in the Byron Bay area. This is a standard that we aim not only to constantly maintain, but also challenge and be even better. All this is because of our devotion to customer service and providing a perfect experience.

Tying the knot anytime soon? Then let us be part of the celebration and you'll be happy you chose us. Visit our website for more.

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