If we go all the way back to Ancient Greece, the engagement ring was originally a gift given by the groom to his future father-in-law as a symbol of the husband's promise to look after his bride, with the stone in the ring said to represent eternal happiness - no doubt it was also an indication of the groom's financial security. 

Today, traditional engagement rings are set with diamonds, but other popular picks include precious gems and the bride and grooms birth stone.

Although nobody knows exactly when the first wedding rings appeared, we do know ancient Egyptian brides were buried with rings and ancient Greeks and Romans made iron wedding rings for their future wives.

The idea of wearing the ring on the third finger of the left hand is believed to stem from the vein there which has a direct link to the heart.

Today the wedding ring is given as a symbol of commitment, love and respect, with the circular shape representing unity and eternal love.

the tradition of the engagement rings

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