How to source sustainable precious jewels

Engagement rings and wedding bands

These days, an increasing number of brides and grooms are looking for engagement and wedding rings that reflect sustainable practices.

That means the materials that go into the ring, such as the gold, diamond and any other precious jewels are sourced in an environmentally friendly way and are also ethical and conflict-free.

Historically, the diamond trade has been a controversial one, with the valuable resource sometimes sparking and funding conflict around the world.

Buying a conflict free-jewel means the trade of the resource has not financed violence. It would have been mined in conditions completely free from conflict. As well as this, the jewel would have been mined with safe labour, good environmental practices and all workers will have been treated fairly.

But how do you know if the ring you're buying adheres to these ethical practices?

Look out for retailers advertising conflict-free jewels. It is now more common for jewellers to stock and advertise that they are selling these ethical diamonds so they are not hard to find. It's important to remember that conflict-free rings still offer plenty of options -  they come in the same beautiful variety of shapes and sizes as any other ring!

Check out what your preferred jewellery store's policy is about sourcing their jewels from reputable dealers and if they can provide a guarantee that the diamond is 'clean'.

Also look out for retailers offering Kimberley Process certification. The Kimberley Process is a regulatory system that offers certification to diamonds that are known to have been mined in conflict-free conditions.

If wearing a conflict-free ring is something you think is important to you, don't hesitate to ask your jeweller more.

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